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by:Chengyi     2020-06-21
Recently, the cotton raw material prices rise, the yarn is the reverse. According to shandong, hebei and other places of textile enterprises, since early April, most of the yarn down more than 500 yuan/ton, 700 - individually 800 yuan/ton. Specific as follows: 1, pure cotton yarn fell, enterprise the willies. On April 13, shandong binzhou, combed yarn C21S, C32S C40S at a factory price respectively is 18000 yuan/ton, 19000 yuan/ton, 20100 yuan/ton, and last Monday ( 6) 500 - compared to the price drop 600 yuan/ton. Low a down low with yarn synchronization. By the 13th, hebei high YangMou factory air spinning OEC12S quoted price is in 13000 yuan/ton, compared with 6 April fell 600 yuan/ton. Pure cotton yarn are falling, according to the analysis for two reasons: first, in March and April cotton prices plummeted, the recent low cost raw materials has conduction to textile enterprises. Data showed that cotton prices fell after the Spring Festival of 3000 yuan/ton, for example, xinjiang & other; Double 28 & throughout; Hand picked by about 13500 yuan/ton, cotton delivery price fell to near 10500 yuan/ton in early April. At present, most of the textile mill has started using the Spring Festival after the purchase of cotton, the cost has fallen dramatically. Second, the enterprise can be done without a single state. More and more serious recently, foreign outbreak, a large number of overseas orders were canceled, enterprise order cuts. Many bosses, march and April, the enterprise order at least a 50% reduction in, individual companies - 70% 80%. Less orders, sales pressure, the enterprise for limited orders, racing to cut prices to attract orders. This is the main reason for the recent yarn prices fell sharply. 2, polyester yarn after initially falling steadily. Recently, around the polyester yarn prices are also & other; Bluff type & throughout; To fall. As of April 13, dongying, shandong province, pure polyester yarn mill 32 s price is in 9700 yuan/ton, down nearly 400 yuan/ton price compared to last week. On the same day, shandong, hebei and other places of terylene yarn 45 s price is in 15400 yuan/ton, compared to a week before the fall near 500 yuan/ton. But, according to a lot of manufacturers, said recent polyester yarn and dilemma. Main reasons: one is the less orders, sales pressure, enterprises can only reduce the price to attract the order. According to the part of the manufacturer, the recent backlog of downstream cloth is very serious, grey cloth factory on the one hand, reduce the pressure; On the other hand reduce yarn raw materials procurement, or raw materials on credit. Polyester yarn producers to cut prices for inventory, is the only choice. The second is the recent upstream polyester short market rising, polyester yarn production costs soar. According to introducing, as of April 13, 1 in shandong district. 4 d * direct spinning polyester staple fiber prices in 5850-38 mm Price of 5900 yuan/ton, compared to last week straight up nearly 700 yuan/ton. Polyester short rose last week with other oil Opec countries is the root cause of 10 million barrels per day production agreement, international oil prices gathers and rose. Market is expected that the future international crude oil, or will end at the bottom of the market and the positive impact to the whole chemical fiber market. So recent polyester yarn or dilemma, if polyester short market continued to rise, keep polyester yarn enterprises can only be raised its offer. 3, cotton prices down, stock up, enterprises have the embarrassment. As of April 13, shandong, hebei region people cotton in 13000 yuan/ton, R40S R30S offer is in 14000 yuan/ton, compared to a week before the fall of nearly 500 yuan/ton. Talking about people in cotton prices is still less orders, inventory pressure. On April 13, many FangQi boss said, cotton recent demand weakened obviously, everybody inventories rose more than 30%. But recent smooth viscose staple market is given priority to, on the same day, viscose staple in end quote near 9100 yuan/ton, enterprises taking goods carefully. To sum up, affected by the outbreak of the international and domestic foreign trade across the board had collapsed, overseas orders were hit, to take on sale enterprises become the only choice. Recently the yarn is expected to remain low. ( Contribute a messenger, personal advice, only supplies the reference)
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