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by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Over the past two weeks, although ICE period cotton prices rose sharply, but most Bangladesh yarn prices have been cut. According to statistics, over the past week, 100% pure cotton combed in Bangladesh, 100% 100% organic cotton, combed cotton coarse yarn have cut the price of 5 cents per kg, cut 1, respectively. 47%, 1. 39%, 1. 33%. Bangladesh 30 s combed pure cotton, organic cotton, combed cotton coarse yarn price 3, respectively. $35 / kg, 3. $55 / kg, 3. $70 / kg. Since nearly a month, most of the yarn in Bangladesh has fallen 2%, blended yarn, polyester/cotton yarn price fluctuation is not big, the blended yarn has fallen only 0. 58%. Bangladesh is currently the world's largest cotton importer, at the same time is also the world's fifth largest cotton consumer. 2016 - 2017 cotton imports surged 30% in Bangladesh, this shows that spinning capacity in Bangladesh is growing rapidly, 2006 - 2016 Bangladesh yarn production capacity increased more than 1 times. According to the U. S. department of agriculture ( 美国农业部) Predict that fiscal 2018 cotton consumption will continue to surge in Bangladesh. Due to the country's cotton production, cotton consumption are heavily dependent on imports, the international market had a great influence on FangQi cotton price fluctuations. In this last month in the global cotton summit held in dhaka, Bangladesh appropriately increased local cotton acreage measures are put forward.
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