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Yarn market situation has improved but is still a far cry from - 'season' Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
Over less & other; Gold & throughout; The & other; Golden September & throughout; , marched into the & other; Looking forward to & throughout; The & other; Silver throughout October &; 。 Yarn market overall September is let the industry expected psychological failed. As of October 10, the domestic C32S average closed at 20452 yuan/ton, almost flat last week. This year the market & other; Falling off & throughout; Let FangQi hurt, as can be seen from the above, since September, the better the downstream demand both cotton yarn and cloth machine are recovered, and fabric inventory & other; Finally & throughout; From the highest levels fell to the same period last year. Most FangQi fg inventory also has a certain decline, but compared with the usual still on the high side. Currently FangQi maintain buy English along with strategies for cotton, basic inventory in a month or so. Hardest hit from the varieties, pure cotton yarn enterprises, blended yarn and yarn company days is relatively better, a lot of cotton enterprises have begun to increase the application of the cotton fiber, scattered varieties with better ability to resist market risk. Influenced by seasonal, a few months before shipment is relatively slow in the recent activity is relatively clear, high count of high-grade combed cigarettes also appeared in short supply. According to the survey of the National Day holiday small, about 68. 6% of National Day chose the holiday, but there are more than thirty percent of the enterprise did not have a holiday. In the enterprises of the holiday, about 42. Days in 1-88% of holiday Between 3 days. Most companies have a holiday days flat compared with last year, but it is nearly a third of the companies said the holiday days more than ever before and some FangQi there last year, this year is the first time. Less visible due to the market this year, cold and cheerless, FangQi orders, especially close to the National Day vacation, market transactions are running dry, thus more enterprises choose holiday. But the holiday time is shorter, due to considering the equipment wear and erosion, FangQi did not dare to have a holiday for too long. As of October 10, FCY Index C32S Index closed at 21190 yuan/ton, and flat last week. Inside and outside the yarn price is also relatively close. The September import cotton yarn inventory decline, although the cotton yarn market overall supply exceeds demand in September, cotton prices weak is given priority to, but traders shipments from marked improvement. Customs data showed that 1-2019 August import quantity of pure cotton yarn is 125. 650000 tons, and fell by 6. Imports compared with about 55% 90000 tons, but the data is not considered part of Pakistan cotton yarn without entering the customs data. Currency, after the August big depreciation of RMB exchange rate, exchange rate leveled off in September or even a slight rise. After a new round of negotiations, China and the United States even though the us department of commerce before blacklisted some Chinese enterprises, once let negotiations between the two countries increasingly worrying prospect, but according to relevant personage, today have negotiations between the two countries the relatively benign, the RMB exchange rate rising sharply about 700 points, or close to 1%, the biggest since August 13. To sum up, the moment a lot of people look for in a season has failed. Recent market performance is slightly better, but also can use poor to describe, cannot be compared with usual prosperous. In the international political and economic instability, a trade war with China failed to improve the big background, the enterprise order still few, and the price is difficult to go up. The current FangQi overall profit level is low, give priority to in order to protect customers protect workers. And although currency makes imported yarn settlement costs fell slightly, but because of the cotton yarn, overbuilt market is still in the recent can go a wave of prices is still questionable.
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