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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
On February 20, 2019 - 22, the cotton lines research association in jiangsu yancheng, yancheng area most enterprise starts around 8, better construction situation, founding rate above 95%, orders adequate, cotton textile enterprise run smoothly as a whole. Manufacturing yarn materials mainly cotton, accounts for about 80%, large enterprise products mainly knitting yarn, 2018 annual output and profit year-on-year growth, the current orders in about 3 months, the existence for original materials storehouse 1 months or so; Small business products is given priority to with differentiation of yarn, 2018 annual output and profit was flat, the current orders for a month, the raw material inventory, about 40 days. Production of colored spun yarn enterprises mainly concentrated in xiangshui county town of small, pointed, industrial cluster effect is obvious, enterprise of colored spun yarn of cotton consumption accounted for about 60%, the product is given priority to with small batch and many varieties. Profit is higher than the industry average, 2018 annual output and profit levels. Employment aspects, three three working wage is RMB 3500 / month. Manufacturer of yarns than ingot labor at about 50 people, production of colored spun yarn due to the complex process of enterprise, ingot recruitment in about 100 people. For the market, visiting entrepreneurs think in 2019, the situation is still complicated and changeful, the uncertainty of the future is both challenge and opportunity, have the confidence to keep stable production. Sino-us trade friction influence business confidence. According to visit companies reflect, 1-2018 September order enough, better production momentum, affected by the sino-us trade friction after September, a lot of trade companies and foreign customers order carefully, under the background of market situation is not clear, the upstream enterprise wait-and-see sentiment strong, some orders transferred to southeast Asian countries, lead to enterprise production lack of confidence. In the face of this situation, most of the enterprises to actively develop high value-added products, adjust product structure, quality, variety, to meet the different needs of the market, increase the profit. As sino-us trade relations, reflect the enterprise, some orders at the beginning of 2019 there were signs of reflux domestic, companies seize the opportunity, increase customer, guarantee the stability of production. Visit companies, said the national cotton reserves rotation should establish a long-term mechanism, on the basis of the guarantee our country cotton consumption, increasing the proportion of imports of cotton, to meet the needs of the industry development of high quality; Quota distribution, enterprise to the existing quota system to give you, want to lower the threshold, in accordance with the enterprise scale and cotton consumption, at the same time hope to gradually relaxing quota restrictions on imports of cotton, textile enterprises competitiveness.
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