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by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
It is understood that pick up cotton in xinjiang at present hand picking cotton, machine ( 40% lint) The price on 7. 60 - 7. Agent 70 yuan/kg, cotton, cotton and cotton ginning mill, the game continues between the takeover market gradually appear differentiation. In the bank, credit union, and other commercial bank loans to buy cotton ginning mill quotation no longer chase after go up, the present ', relieve and even stopped to receive from the 'phenomenon, give priority to with oneself, its own funds to buy the purchase of cotton ginning mill are still open for high lint, high grade, low moisture of cotton prices still rush in the harvest, such as akzo, ava around 8 - seed cotton purchase price has reached the highest 8. 10 yuan/kg, northern xinjiang kuytun, JingHe machine cotton-picking highest price up to 7. 15 - 7. 20 yuan/kg. Some planting large said in xinjiang, because since late August successively in rainfall has been recorded in southern xinjiang and part of northern xinjiang, low temperature, the hail weather attacks, not only affects the cotton boll opening and yield, and seed cotton moisture is bigger, mildew rotten peach peach and rain rust cotton, in order to sell a good price, cotton, cotton brokers will rebound in the color, moisture, low quality of v before flowers mixed with high quality, low moisture regain of the medium-term to 'system' in sales, bring cotton ginning mill grade points crib very big difficulty. Aksu QianJianSuo said the previous public prosecutor although cotton fiber length, the breaking strength index has obvious improvement from the same period a year 2015/16, but the proportion of color grade '31' accounting for 60 - Percentage of 70%, '21' class fell sharply in the previous years, and weak point of the unclean cotton level, weak point cotton secondary also are not uncommon. Kuytun a cotton ginning mill said, because the acquisition of seed cotton moisture in 15 - generally 20%, after processing KuiChong is bigger, rising cost of cotton is very prominent, and seed cotton too wet to worry about 'wu crib' or trigger a fire, a side cotton ginning mill can only buy processing, cotton workshop processing costs are high.
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