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Xinjiang yarn, yarn, yarn imports on the mainland three cent world would be a foregone conclusion! - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
Benefited from the country of xinjiang MianFangYe support policy, 2016, xinjiang textile scale development further, both in production capacity and varieties of quality will be improved and figures released from the relevant institutions, in 2016, xinjiang has finished ahead of target for the development of cotton spinning industry plan, import yarn yarn, yarn and the mainland in xinjiang 'three cent world situation is stable form! According to relevant organizations, by the end of 2016, xinjiang in the viscose fiber production has more than 800000 tons, loom number close to 18000 units, built some number more than 13 million pounds, clothing production capacity has reached the 1. 500 million pieces. 1-2016 In November, the xinjiang textile enterprises above designated size production and operation situation is relatively ideal, the cotton yield reached 95. Reached 1, 110000 tons of cotton production. 5. 4 billion meters, clothing production reached 2933. 890000 pieces of chemical fiber pulp yield reached 36. At 61, 210000 tons of chemical fiber production. 720000 tons. From the production capacity and production data, the future with the development of textile and garment industry in xinjiang has become increasingly perfect and mature. Is understood to have professional personage says, import yarn price has been reduced to 1000 - compared to the domestic yarn 2000 yuan/ton, when less than two thousand yuan, China yarn will be very competitive, especially in xinjiang cotton yarn. Under the support of the industry policy, at present the production of cotton in xinjiang per tonne cheaper than the coastal areas of 3600 yuan, 4600 yuan cheaper than that in Vietnam, xinjiang yarn with price advantage is rising rapidly. At home and abroad in recent years, poor cotton prices further, which leads to the mid-range import yarn swarmed into China with the price advantage, to domestic mid-range yarn market caused great impact. According to customs statistics show that 2012 - In 2013, our country cotton imports up to 2 million tons per year. In the third quarter of 2015 years ago, China's imports from India, 54. 70000 tons of cotton yarns, year-on-year growth of 40. 2 5% and imports the unit price. $7 / kg, in 11. 4%. 42 imported from Pakistan, Vietnam, respectively. 90000 tons and 37. 80000 tons of cotton yarn and the growth rate of 19 respectively. 9% and 34. 1%, the import price of 2 respectively. 37 $/ kg and 2. $86 / kg, while imports increased, but was in the sharp decline in profits than in previous years. Top three total imports accounted for 74 of my imports of cotton yarn. 2%. Xinjiang yarn, yarn on the mainland, import yarn in domestic cotton market has formed the pattern of 'three pillar', the three market share will appear as the change of production cost is larger changes, on the cotton, middle and downstream industry enterprises will be affected. Enterprise production plan, pricing strategies to consider these changes in market factors.
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