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Xinjiang project settled in korla development zone - the first complete cashmere industry chain Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Recently, from xinjiang korla economic and technological development zone management committee news, Shanghai Long Peng technology co. , LTD. , high-grade cashmere textile and garment processing project successfully signed in korla economic and technological development zone. This is the first set of xinjiang wool, cashmere yarn, fabric weaving, garment processing in one complete industrial chain of the project, will greatly promote the development of textile and clothing industry in xinjiang. It is understood that the project total investment of about 56. 500 million yuan, three phase of construction, the first phase of a total investment of about 16. 500 million yuan, the project started in July this year, all completed and put into operation by the end of 2018. Project plans to invest more than 2000 Taiwan, cashmere/wool carding equipment, cashmere/wool worsted and woolen spinning machine, cashmere/wool woven and knit and worsted and woolen taimei, high-end clothing sewing, high-end apparel knitting equipment, such as investment of equipment for the international leading technology level. After the completion of the project will form the annual output of 10000 tons of wool, 20 million meters high-grade cashmere/wool fabrics, 10 million sets of high-grade cashmere/wool clothing production. Can realize an annual output value of 106. 400 million yuan, annual sales revenue of 103. 5. 5 billion yuan, the company is 15. 0. 3 billion yuan, and will drive the 24000 jobs. The project as the green environmental protection and xinjiang key support development demonstration project will accelerate the construction.
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