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Xinjiang FangQi inventory ginned cotton clinch a deal the recovery - the end of the year Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-13
As the Spring Festival draws near, most of the enterprises in xinjiang's seed cotton purchase and seed cotton processing already all over, lint move library work also draws to a close, most of the employees have to return to the mainland, the remaining few employees and to sales of the person in charge. With the approaching of the year, part of the textile mills of lint inventory bottom, and from the national cotton reserves wheel is more than two months, and that, therefore, years ago, inventory, and futures prices, zheng cotton main CF1805 contracts to 15600 yuan/ton, highest enterprise hope rises in the heart, cotton price rose 100 - 200 yuan/ton. The early stage of the xinjiang within the price is in 15900 - to pick up the goods 16000 yuan/ton, the price rose to 16000 - recently 16200 yuan/ton ( Gross weight, to bring my ticket) ; Pick up cotton machine by 15600 yuan/ton (also Male, to bring my ticket, xinjiang, inside take delivery) , up to 15800 yuan/ton. It is understood that some 100000 pounds of the early stage of the large textile in xinjiang production and construction corps by 15600 yuan/ton price procurement lint, basic can maintain to the national cotton reserves of the wheel. Market analysis, this round of lint rise, the main reason is that part of the textile mills of shortage of raw materials have to be years ago caused by inventory, purchase plan for years, textile mainly on March 12 national cotton reserves round out the price.
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