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Xinjiang cotton spring sowing how weather - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
Came to xinjiang cotton spring sowing season, cotton industry relevant investors and cotton farmers friends are focused on spring sowing. Currently seeding time in xinjiang meteorological conditions influence on cotton? Cotton seed selection is very important, first excellent varieties with good genes is the basis of high yield, now most of the cotton growers through many years of accumulation of experience, know the importance of seed selection for BaoMiao, disease resistance increase. Second cotton needs certain conditions of temperature and humidity to awaken the germination, usually cotton fields has reached around 12 ℃, the surface temperature of soil water is about 60% which can meet the conditions of cotton bud. Too little soil moisture for seed germination, moisture too prone to LanZhong. Xinjiang region vast, cotton distribution span is larger, the region has the characteristics of different, southern xinjiang mainly cotton seeding, the seedling stage to prevent sand. Northern xinjiang is mainly to prevent rain low temperature, soil harden and other adverse factors, from past experience mid to late April in many parts of the large area planting in xinjiang is advisable. Additional seeding mechanization level of operation, the soil soil and the comprehensive application of the new technology of agriculture and so on also has a large influence on cotton bud emergence. Such as the proper seeding depth, such as the rational use of humic acid can promote the emergence and seedling. Comprehensive the above factors combined with meteorological department issued the weather trend forecast, the current weather for planting in xinjiang has certain adverse effect, but not influence the overall.
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