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Xinjiang cotton spot interest falling cotton prices - no longer gambling market Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
On May 3, it is understood that since the national cotton reserves round since the launch of the auction in henan, shandong, jiangsu and other mainland regulatory library XinJiangMian offer overall stabilisation, few 'double 28' 'double 29' cotton processing enterprises, operators rised phenomenon exists. On May 4 5 days basement northern xinjiang corps hand picked cotton 2128 b2 / C2, 3128 b2 / C2, 2127 of the C2/3127 C2 fixed price respectively is 13100 - 13300 yuan/ton, 12900 - 13000 yuan/ton, 12500 - 12700 yuan/ton, cotton mills offer high 300 - a place 500 yuan/ton. Hebei medium FangQi said the mainland library places the number of hand picking cotton processing enterprises in xinjiang has been sparse, national cotton reserves in 2013 imports of cotton or purchase the cotton color grade of common for weak point the unclean cotton level, weak point yellowing level 2 or level, with cotton spinning over 40 s difficult to comb and combed yarn with cotton, plus 4, 5, clinch a deal valence or to level 3128 cotton prices basic same corps of spot price is consistent, so procurement is still mainly in northern xinjiang 2015/16 high quality machine pick cotton, southern xinjiang high quality hand picking cotton, but at the same time will be paid close attention to national cotton reserves per round out the resource review indicators, conform to the requirements of cotton auction immediately. Some southern xinjiang cotton mills analysis, national cotton reserves auction for two consecutive days clinch a deal the proportion of 99 respectively. 32%, 99. 58% shows that domestic cotton textile enterprise raw material inventory is low, some companies are likely to fall into cotton had on there under, round which requirements are fully released. In addition, the level of national cotton reserves, quality index is higher than cotton mills expectations, in addition to the color level, reserve bales of cotton fiber length, micronaire, breaking strength, such as impurity, and even slightly better than the XinJiangMian spot, plus the weight of the re-inspection, bags, cotton net settlement and so on to make the advantage of the national cotton reserves is not only reflected in prices also reflect on the quality, jiangsu and zhejiang, hebei FangQi reflect reserve imports of cotton and xinjiang cotton 40 s and the following count cotton yarn no problem at all. Current local cotton mills in cotton resources in the majority with low quality, compared with the national cotton reserves besides color slightly higher level a few without any advantage, plus 5 - July payment funds, such as pressure also rose, so short-term cantango sales, speed up the clearance of cotton mills.
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