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Xinjiang cotton region advantage into industry advantage Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
Driving in aksu xinjiang textile industrial city ( Development zone) Standard workshop, is going, the former desolate gobi desert, has become a large scale, infrastructure complete textile city. XinJiangMian is the representative of domestic cotton. 'Area' of the construction of the propulsion, textile and clothing industry gets rapid development in xinjiang, some textile and garment enterprises through the introduction of advanced equipment, implement of fine management, make the product quality is improved. At present, the xinjiang cotton spinning industry of science and technology level, equipment level are in the front row, domestic textile knitting clothing accessories industry development has begun to take shape, viscose fiber, high-grade cotton, clothing, carpets and other products exported to central Asia and European countries. This past April, the xinjiang cotton planting, xinjiang aksu area of 7. 5 million mu of cotton. It is understood that this year the aksu region layout and variety structure optimization of cotton area, realize the machine pick cotton planting area of 2 million mu. At the same time, the textile and garment enterprises have also into the tension busy production, seize orders, the release of production capacity. Developing textile and garment industry, have the advantage of resources region in xinjiang. Currently, xinjiang has built the raw cotton spinning enterprises mostly XinJiangMian, small part for viscose, product is given priority to with ring spun, rotor spinning, more order for production. Cotton spinning enterprises in production and processing, more than 90% dosage of xinjiang cotton, cotton on the conversion rate of increase eventually translate into industry advantage. Xinjiang kashgar region, for example, relying on the rich resources of cotton and geographical advantages, attracted the domestic textile and garment enterprises in kashgar, investment. The kashgar region a total of more than 460 textile and garment enterprises, products include cotton yarn, home textile, garment, industrial textiles, such as 13 categories of more than 180 varieties, annual output of more than 700 million pieces of clothing, output value of more than 6. 3 billion yuan. 'Foreign orders for many, the product 90% export countries such as Russia, kyrgyzstan, including male and female professional casual wear, suits, etc. 'Said the head of one of xinjiang's clothing enterprises. All the way on the export of products, from 'area' of the construction of the east wind, xinjiang and the surrounding countries are highly complementary in the field of textile and garment industry, the industry trade cooperation has a broad space, many companies and the industry cooperation of countries along the 'area'. Engaged in production of viscose fiber fujian three brocade technology ( Group) In march last year in the wall of xinjiang hutubi county of xinjiang kei textile industry incubation park branch office. , said an official with the enterprise of the investment environment here have advantages, plans to invest, strive to create high-end products in xinjiang, are exported to European and American markets. As China's textile and garment enterprises in shandong ruyi holding group, also increase the intensity of the layout in xinjiang in recent years, the construction of production bases have been put into use. This year, the ministry of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region hall will actively promote the textile industry structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, key support for fabric and garment, home textile, knitting industry project construction, encourage enterprises to export products. At the same time, encourage the domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment and intelligent production line, improve the industry of new technologies, new processes, new products innovation ability. Is noteworthy is that southern xinjiang xinjiang textile and garment industry development in key areas, last August, aksu green textile town and China textile commodity center construction starts, aksu waffer 1 million ingot color spinning industrial park and 100000 tons of dyeing industrial park visits that started attracting enterprises, aksu region gradually formed the industrial chain from the cotton spinning, dyeing, color to the center of the textile commodity service system. Aksu waffer color spinning industrial park covers an area of 2150 mu, is the world's largest single color spinning factory, the park will build the world's leading fashion design, development and testing center, aksu waffer dyeing industry park after the completion of all, will form the annual output of 100000 tons of cotton, yarn and fabric dyeing ability. In the future, in the aksu plate in the textile industry, dyeing industry park will be connected to the textile industry upstream and downstream enterprises. According to the xinjiang textile and garment industry development planning ( In 2018 ~ 2023) ', by 2023, the scale of xinjiang cotton to the production capacity of 20 million loom more than 50000 units, 250000 tons of knitting fabric, clothing accessories, 800 million pieces ( Set) , the whole industry chain employment capacity up to 1 million people, including southern xinjiang Labour in the whole xinjiang more than employment of 650000 people of the whole industry. Xinjiang cotton spinning industry ranked among the top domestic equipment and technology level, basic form, the coordinated development of chemical fiber industry and petrochemical industry development of textile and garment industry to drive one million employment goals.
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