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Xinjiang cotton lint sales now differentiation low-quality afternoon bearish - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-10
Learned, northern xinjiang machine adopt basic end cotton picking, acquisition draws to a close, the cotton prices have a lot of seed cotton, with less volume. Now the main busy processing, the sale of the crop. Learned, affected by the weather factors, when the second spraying defoliant meet heavy rain weather, agent orange, pick up cotton this year most of northern xinjiang extension impurity rate is higher than in previous years, the impurity rate are 3 many plant. More than 0% of the phenomenon. This led directly to the sales of the crop in xinjiang appear differentiation, pick up cotton machine impurity 2. Less than 8%, horse value lower than 4. 9 ginned cotton goods go more smoothly, impurity rate is higher than 2. 8% of the cotton price has been relatively early fell 100 yuan/tons, pick up cotton machine mainstream in 15800 - quotation 16200 yuan/ton, and sales is slow. In addition, the proportion of traders to purchase the crop on the mainland than FangQi, part of the new quilt traders library to mainland shandong, hebei, henan, hubei, jiangsu and other places. But recent trucks costs rose, the vehicles are hard to find, the cause of constructing the slow progress of the crop. Judging from the recent market transactions, FangQi still in purchasing national cotton reserves in succession, only a small amount of the crop. For the afternoon, the market is generally accepted that quality, higher cotton prices will continue to test the impurity. Have people think that 15500 yuan/ton, or nodes, if less than 15500 yuan/ton, many cotton mills or face a loss.
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