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Xinjiang cotton into picking - purchase season Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-10
Cotton growing areas in xinjiang have successively entered the cotton picking acquisition processing period. At present, the xinjiang cotton has processing 1. 07 million tons, inspection quantity nearly 900000 tons. On October 27, according to the autonomous region development and reform commission's investigation showed that xinjiang cotton this year in terms of quality, machine mining level and earnings are better than normal. The fiber length is one of the important indicators to measure quality of cotton. This year, the north xinjiang cotton fiber length an average of 30 mm, southern xinjiang cotton fiber length 28 ~ 29 mm. Xinjiang cotton overall quality is better than last year, and north xinjiang cotton quality is good farmland. Except where farm cannot machine such as mining use hand picked, xinjiang basic pick up cotton is 100%. Compared with other kinds of plants, relative pepper and tomato crops such as cotton in xinjiang, the current income is the best. Xinjiang seed cotton purchase prices have risen this year, the north xinjiang machine pick cotton purchase price average 6 ~. 2 yuan/kg, southern xinjiang hand picking cotton 7 ~ 7. 4 yuan/kg, an average of 7. 28 yuan/kg.
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