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Xinjiang: cotton growth - has been crucial to open to booking a work Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
Recently, it's sunny, temperature is appropriate, in xinjiang cotton flowering and boll opening. According to the northern xinjiang shihezi cotton farmers feedback, northern xinjiang cotton growing well this year, at 22, most FuTao cotton fields in 7 8 / strains, increased year on year 0. 5 - 1 / strains. Even if low yield cotton FuTao around 5 / strains, cotton farmers mostly reveal the joy of harvest. Recently, because the north temperature, part of the cotton leaf mites have spread sign of cotton, cotton farmers are grabbing the field management and pest management, and comply with sewage sludge, strive to multi-junction peach autumn, in order to protect the bolls and increase the boll weight, one thousand party hundreds groundwork for really high this year harvest. In addition, the northern xinjiang region is given priority to with cotton-picking machine, this machine in cotton growing better also. Pick up cotton this year, according to shihezi part of cotton machine imported high quality varieties, harvest period can effectively solve the broken cotton leaf, broken plastic film in the risk of machine, reducing impurity to improve the quality of cotton. At 22, area of northern xinjiang cotton small crack, individual boll opening, and some hand pick cotton picking, a small but cotton-picking machine has yet to start. According to the time that pick up cotton machine is expected to have to wait until mid to late September will gradually picking. This year's hand picking cotton increased to 2 - pick up spending 2. 4 yuan/kg, pick up florist is still hard to find, individual planting large going to paid florist. In southern xinjiang aksu and kashi, korla three cotton cotton grows is generally good, cotton farmers, it was estimated that this year increased yield no suspense. This year, 22, introduces a aksu cotton planting 570 mu, all hand picking cotton, is expected to yield in 400 - Compared to last year, 410 kg/mu, 5-395 kg/mu pursued 15 kg/mu. The anticipation to increase production, main basis is this year compared to last year, cotton boll Numbers take a peach about more than 1 / each; In addition, the plumpness of bolls is slightly better than last year. Now, farmers are busy two things: one is stepping up field management. Harvest this year, it remains to be seen whether the bell stage management in place, not only to deinsectization harm, but also to add water to add fertilizer BaoLing peach; Second is to intensify cotton pre-sales work. Is the main job is to contact the surrounding cotton processing plants, do a good job pre-sale, guarantee money this year.
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