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by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
Recently, the rise of temperature in most area of xinjiang, gradual cotton optimum sowing date, most farmers during QiangShang sowing seeds, to sow a full stand, the fields busy scene. We have learned, aksu area 7. 2 million Chinese acres of cotton, of which 1. 75 million mu kuqa; Once. during manas county, 700000 mu of cotton comprehensive course, cotton planting also in gradually to other areas. Unlike previous years, this year the proportion of pick up cotton in xinjiang area planter is increased, most areas introduced drone tractors, tractor shuttling back and forth with a drill in the cotton fields, precision seeding. According to kuqa a large planting, said this year is the first attempt to pick up cotton planter in 4000 mu planting need to more than 20 days, satellite navigation, unmanned tractor seeding 8 now up to a week can finish. In addition, a small amount of pilot machine 2017 cotton farmers, after reap the benefits of the pick up cotton planting machine, planter in all the land of cotton this year. Pick up cotton machine promotion not only accelerated the seeding rate, save the cost, and also to a great extent, alleviate the autumn harvest pick florist difficult to recruit in xinjiang region. According to the national cotton resource monitoring information platform, according to data as of March 30, 2018, 2017 completed XinJiangMian public prosecutor, 498. Pick up cotton 340000 tons, of which the machine 229. 268, 570000 tons of hand picking cotton. 770000 tons. This year in the xinjiang regional structural reforms to boost agricultural supply side, speed up the mass transfer efficiency in the process of cotton industry, is expected to catch up with the 2018 machine pick cotton production in xinjiang hand picking cotton. Due to the xinjiang region temperature is not stable, the planting of progress is a little difference, is expected to peak concentration in cotton planting in mid-april. Xinjiang agricultural meteorological observatory reminds, cotton sowing is expected to wind, low temperature or back to the cold weather by phases during the possibility of larger, should pay close attention to the local weather forecast, around early completes the wind pressure and low temperature membrane and so on disaster prevention work, and spring is still likely to be around the periodic drought. Therefore, around to allocate water resources rationally, strengthen artificial water operations such as drought-resisting drought relief.
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