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by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
To fully ensure the cotton textile industry production safety situation is stable, since May 13, xiajin county emergency management agency to use a month of time, through a variety of forms such as special law enforcement inspection, a talk, understand the status of the cotton textile enterprises, a comprehensive screening potential safety hazard, resolutely put an end to all kinds of production safety accidents. One is to carry out special law enforcement inspection. Composed of five special law enforcement team, led by the team members, to the county cotton, cotton processing, storage and other industry enterprises to carry out special law enforcement inspection, security key check whether employees to pre-job safety education and training study, the screening workshop, warehouse fire extinguishers, fire blanket, fire hydrant, etc are equipped with safety facilities in place; Processing workshops are important parts of the machine to take protective measures, etc. , supervise the various stakeholders involved oil cotton earnestly implement the safety production responsibility, strengthen the self-inspection check list, from the source to eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazard. The second is a security symposium. Groups, respectively, the villages and towns industry companies such as cotton, vegetable oil processing and storage security symposium, held over the summer high temperature period how to effectively prevent accidents, each enterprise sharing, head of the methods and experience in some of the daily safety management. Require companies to fully understand the current situation, production safety hidden perils in the enterprise internal activities regularly, highlight the key link, the key parts, to strictly implement the rules and regulations, system, operating rules, the safety of the employees in education training, and the safety production responsibility take up and implemented. Three is to strengthen the emergency on-duty. Supervision on oil on cotton enterprise combining with the characteristics of its own security to carry out targeted emergency drills to improve production safety accident emergency plan, make safe on duty system, clarify the personnel on duty, strictly implement the production safety accident treatment and reporting system, strictly implement the system of leadership shift and 24-hour duty system.
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