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Xiajin held symposium hai-hui zhang to attend the cotton textile enterprises - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Texas news network ( Special correspondent hong wei) On Oct. 13, xiajin symposium held the cotton textile enterprises. Hai-hui zhang, deputy head of the county committee and the standing to attend. Hai-hui zhang request, the cotton textile enterprises should further emancipate the mind, seize the development opportunity for the fusion of the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei combining site and resonance point, will fully butt fusion, with many years of accumulated experience, actively cope with difficulties and challenges, change ideas, renew the idea, drive the industrial upgrading, improve product added value and spin industry chain, achieve the development of the enterprise. Departments should enhance service enterprise, strengthen communication and coordination, mix, promote the development of our county cotton textile industry better and faster. Prior to the meeting, the participants also to tianrun textile co. , LTD. , benevolence and on-the-spot textile technology co. , LTD.
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