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Wusu textile enterprise spinning production will break through millions of pounds - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
On May 4, the reporter understands from xinjiang wusu bureau, wusu there are 14 textile enterprises. In 2017, wusu textile enterprise spinning production capacity will exceed 1 million pounds. In recent years, with cotton yarn market better, all the preferential policies and the country, the autonomous region of textile enterprises, WuSu tight grasp opportunities for development, vigorously develop the textile industry. At the second QuanWei WuSu party five ( Expand) Conference, wusu put forward the development strategy of the textile base construction area. On April 28, new WuSu embellish and cotton textile co. , LTD. 200000 pounds the project construction, project for the construction of two years, a period of 100000 ingot project will be put into production, October 2, 100000 pounds project put into production in the next year. After all projects completed and put into operation, is expected to achieve output of 600 million yuan, and pay the tax 60 million yuan of above, to solve the employment of more than 1000 people. WuSu new leap and cotton textile co. , LTD. 200000 pounds the project construction, marked the WuSu 'hundreds of spinning capacity club', welcome new members. It is understood that since April, wusu textile construction item 7. And spinning and weaving, a new leap and textile, which hin XuanChen textile production scale, the number of countries, such as textiles, programs in more than 100000 pounds. Wusu from textile enterprises settled in to production, from the aspects of policy and infrastructure construction for the development of textile enterprises provide a good environment. For the operation of the textile enterprises have been put into operation in tracking service, at the start of the year, for the textile enterprises subsidies total capital of 13. 11 million yuan, greatly inspired the development of the textile enterprises.
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