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by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
Xinjiang Eurasian webex ( The correspondent Kang Li Zhang Zudong Ren Da reports) In recent years, wusu constantly accelerate the development of textile industry, based on the trade of textile industry economy, and promote employment. In the country, the autonomous region of xinjiang textile enterprises under various preferential policy incentives, wusu various textile enterprise at work overtime production, products sold to henan, shandong, guangdong, fujian, jiangsu, jiangxi and other places, in short supply situation. Wusu jin peng cotton textile co. , LTD. Was established in September 2010, covers an area of 8. 10000 square meters, registered capital of 20 million yuan. Investment of 70 million yuan in the first phase 2400 air spinning production line has been completed and put into operation; Investment of 64 million yuan in 2015, complete the second phase of the annual output of 30000 pieces of air spinning expansion project, has formed a 80000 ingot production capacity of high, medium and low product combined with the enterprise scale, new business income is 60 million yuan, profit tax of 4. 5 million yuan, jobs more than 50. On June 22, the reporter in wusu jin peng textile co. , LTD. , spinning workshop to see, the enterprise air spinning spinning machine are running at a high speed. Ma Zhiqin is wusu, 32, jin peng textile co. , LTD. , a spinning worker, she has been working here for three years, the highest can get 6000 yuan every month wages. In 2017, the xinjiang cotton prices rising, the customer's demand. Wusu rising textile industry support, actively implement the national, autonomous textile industry preferential policy, make the wusu textile enterprise products are exported to many domestic cities. Wusu jin peng textile co. , LTD. Deputy general manager gao wei said: 'this year's order is stable, our air spinning workshop, ring spun workshop, including vortex spinning, now are at full capacity in production, products have been sold to fujian, shandong, jiangsu and other places. With the aid of national preferential policies, the autonomous region, we have the confidence to exceed one hundred million yuan output value of the end of the year. ”
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