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Weak demand at home and abroad Indian cotton prices are expected to continue to slide Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
Due to weak demand at home and abroad, Indian cotton prices are expected to continue to decline. And the recent Indian rupee rebound on cotton yarn exports, domestic listed delay of the crop can also make cotton prices remain strong. In the latest week India cotton prices stopped falling, cotton prices are relatively stable. 10 - the rupee Rise in November, in recent days began to fall. In recent months the rupee rebound in cotton yarn exports fell sharply. Indian cotton export dollars prices continue to rise this week, 30 combed yarn FOB prices rose 5 cents to 2. $9 / kg, nearly 4 weeks rose 20 cents, or 7. 4%. Such a huge gains rapid drops in demand, stagnant Indian cotton export quantity in September from a year earlier, the drop in exports to China more than 10%. Due to a few months ago to China's exports increase, 4 - this year In September the cumulative exports year-on-year growth of 136% or for China. Because of the cotton yarn exports have fallen sharply, India textile cotton yarn inventory rapidly rising, demand for cotton is suppressed. Indian cotton market this year is lower than the same period last year, the reason is the insufficient rainfall and insect pest is serious, is expected to cotton output sharply below expectations. Indian cotton advisory committee, is expected this year cotton output 36. 1 million packages ( 170 kg) , below 37 million bales. Affected by cotton production, cotton prices are expected to remain strong in India, the demand is not to force it on sale, so the textile mill profits will be squeezed again.
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