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Vietnam textile - settlement gradually forming an exclude Taiwan yarn factory Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
When Taiwan. ltd. Begin to build new capacity, also transferred to the local joint to make order. Revealed a upstream manufacturers, since 2019, clearly feel the customer order gradually transferred to Vietnam, could stay in Taiwan's small and medium sized yarn factory days back to abortion. Spinning extension will be chairman of the board of directors and appropriate into group chairman ZhanZhengTian decided at the end of October 2019, will be appropriate to the parent company's only capacity in tainan plant shut down; An industry comments, this is a very decisive decisions, because the future Taiwan yarn factory operations will only become more and more hard work, can't see signs of improvement. Industry insiders said further, Taiwan yarn factory can continue to live in the past, main reason is cut into the special specification product, to avoid the competition with Chinese public competition specifications of the red sea; But also connect to the yarn factory, over the years, China by price competition to for a long time, is also turning to special specifications of product development. Moreover Taiwan. ltd had made in domestic production, but according to brand customer requirements gradually transferred to Vietnam to set up a new production line, also drives the local yarn production capacity gradually build, form a complete industry chain. The move to Taiwan directly yarn factory orders, 'I'm in Vietnam that goods will be more quickly than from Taiwan', highlights the geographical location advantages and conditions immediately. Open ark of listed company earnings could be a clues, observe only have yarn production enterprises in Taiwan, small and medium-sized including set shing, macro evolution, long, light, macro state, etc. , before the last recession patterns in 3 quarter figures most, only by dispose assets outside the earnings into the light. Unnamed yarn factory, the u. s. -china trade war let the market keep pessimistic, but this will be temporary, after all, the two sides could not have been fighting, transfer capacity is long-term, once removed, it is hard to come back again. When the Vietnam textile industry groups more and more mature, the brand customer order and also to local natural concentration. New fiber has announced with Vietnam oil and gas group, PVN subsidiary VNPOLY signed a cooperation letter of intent, the other fiber capacity under the new fiber will package. Nearly nt $40 billion in annual sales of new fiber will cooperate with each other, general manager of Luo Shiquan said, according to brand customer requirements, combined with the company for Vietnam too slow, will want to through the cooperation with local companies can make a production contract, one of the shortcuts for fast into Vietnam. Long-term focus on textile Di general manager Mr. Ho mai industry consultant, when brand clients will love the look on to southeast Asia, bring up a series of supply chain to local flag, big companies have rich resources in global layout, in contrast, small and medium-sized enterprise is difficult to keep up with the pace, Vietnam textile industry colony forming gradually, will be the highest yarn factory to discuss issues in Taiwan.
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