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Uzbekistan cotton yield decline in tajikistan - recovery Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-20
In 2017, the export of uzbekistan cotton 47. 70000 tons, dropped by 25. 2%, accounting for the proportion of global exports dropped to 3. 4%, cotton yields have fallen to 95. 190000 tons, down 8% year on year. Annual production of 110 - uzbekistan before 1. 2 million tons of lint, accounting for 6% of global production, about half the cotton for export. In recent years, the government actively promote the domestic cotton consumption. 2010 - In 2014, 7 uzbekistan textile industry to attract foreign investment. $8. 5 billion, 147 new home textile factory, the factory of the export potential is expected to reach 6. 700 million dollars. Tajikistan, according to data from the ministry of agriculture tajikistan planting area is expected to be 18 this year. 750000 hectares, rose 1. 350000 hectares. As of early April, tajikistan planting area has reached 4. 230000 hectares, seeding progress 22. 6%. Experts said that the government encourages greater cotton planting area, in order to meet the increasing market demand, part of the grain and forage crop field to switch to the cotton. Previously, the planting area and output have been falling. 2012 - In 2016, tajikistan cotton output from 41. Decline gradually to 80000 tons, 270000 tons of cotton decreased from 200000 hectares to 160000 hectares. In 2017, tajikistan planting area is the first time reached the aim of the government, output recovered to 380000 tons, year-on-year growth of 5. 2%.
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