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by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
The downstream textile enterprises to return to work and production rate increase gradually, but WeChat circle when affected by the epidemic continues to spread abroad, the current business orders, even plight can be done without a single in April. Real situation how? It is understood that the current textile enterprises have long-term and stable orders, maintain normal sales, enterprises do not worry about orders, mainly post-holiday cotton prices continued to fall, the product profit is too low. Stabilizing, although domestic outbreak has intensified, but abroad allows businesses to worry about, after all, spinning the clothing products are quite a number of used for export. A henan textile enterprises, said first purchase cotton price 14200 yuan/ton, after cotton prices plunge, now the best cotton price is in 13200 yuan/ton, before and after differs 1000 yuan/ton, this increases the textile enterprise costs, although the downstream orders constantly, every month, but the price is low, we can't easily order, that doesn't include small orders. Enterprise first purchase quantity is big, so you may as well use the high price of cotton. Yarn prices have edged up the market at present, some weaving enterprises are not accepted, the two sides can only stalemate. In view of the future industry market, the enterprise think better if the outbreak of the world, China's epidemic comprehensive end, may be in 5 - In June in the off-season without light. If didn't get the epidemic control, may all the year round is off-season, especially the pandemic and crude oil, may appear to shut down a batch of domestic textile enterprises.
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