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by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
More than the PTA device surprise overhaul, and ease trade relations were expected under the background of rising, polyester staple fiber in micro pressure followed up, and tension atmosphere, month polyester staple fiber market prices also rose 1100 yuan/ton. Downstream polyester raw material overall stability before they rise this week, and the terminal after previous cover itself has certain raw material inventory, wait-and-see attitude, floor trading atmosphere is thin, polyester production and marketing data were generally as a whole. On Wednesday morning, there was positive macro, willing to restore the trade talks between the two countries, China and the United States by this boost, commodity futures rose, afternoon main PTA futures sharply higher, buy up the mood, the downstream and the terminal cover, staple fiber production and sales growth, instant afternoon several factories raised its offer. Entering Thursday, multiple positive support, polyester factory more sharply raised its offer, the mainstream discussion focus shock rise, but the downstream passive margin, after falling demand to a certain extent, the overall production and sales data. But currently polyester floor oversold phenomenon is relatively serious, polyester staple fiber parts factory has one or two more weeks of oversold phenomenon, by this, some factories offer on Friday to continue to rise, but the downstream through the cover, raw material inventory has more foot, more cautious wait-and-see, polyester production and marketing as a whole to flat on Friday. Pure polyester yarn, pure polyester yarn market price suppression before this month. Earlier this month, influenced by peripheral macro bearish, polyester staple fiber market clinch a deal price slump dragged down the overall atmosphere, coupled with poor downstream demand, pure polyester yarn tired library and shipping prices under pressure center of gravity cumulative dip below 600. The middle of the PTA market in many device maintenance, and ease trade relations were expected background or larger, polyester staple fiber market under the pressure micro kui still rising, but FangQi downstream demand is still no obvious, limited to pure polyester yarn rise; Again this week, the international trade relations have been inclined, PTA futures rose sharply to drive again a wave of polyester staple fiber enterprises, drive the pure polyester yarn trade orders, inventory pressure better, considering the lower resistance to a sharp rise in price, pure polyester yarn with higher strength is limited. As of the close, fujian region in 12800 - T32S mainstream price In 13000, joinville T32S no tax mainstream discussions focused on 11700 - 11800 to transfer pricing; T21S mainstream discussion focused on the 12100 - west region 12200; Rugao area industrial polyester yarn mainstream discussions focused on 11500. ( Unit: yuan/ton) Downstream cloth market inventory is higher, in better, part of the autumn order will drive the inventory changes, now limited impact, volatile prices of upstream of grey cloth. In June 2019, the national integrated weaving the average probability of 57. 03%, a decline in May 9. On average, 32% 75%, with great circle machine, a decline in May 9. 08%, 66% water jet loom, a decline in May 12. 66%, 74% of air jet loom, a 7% decline in May. From the point of sample enterprise survey, is 100 - 300 loom scale enterprise most in 38 - finished goods inventory 55 days, individual fabric inventory for 90 days; 20 loom and how to order the following enterprise production is given priority to, fg inventory 7 - in more June 10 days, most of the products appear bottomed out, weaving order more early slightly warmer, but it is not clear, part of the small garment factory is at a 7 August off-season XiuGongQi, downstream demand is still weak in the short term. OPEC's expectations and u. s. -iran relations tension or continue to boost oil prices, or must boost of polyester raw material form; In early July PTA device is a set of 4. 5 million tons/year overhaul plan, together with polyester enterprise overall inventory is low, starts continue to remain at high levels, PTA fundamentals, good early market still exists a certain space to rise, or drive to polyester staple market continued to rise; But the downstream high inventories of grey polyester yarn constrained demand picks up in the short term, in addition to the early stage of the polyester staple fiber concentration inventory, of the mid to late exist again tired, PTA has under the background of high handling fees to continue upward, so the decline in mid to late market also has certain pressure.
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