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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
As of May 17, 2015/2016 national cotton reserves accumulated outbound deal 33. 010000 tons, with imports of cotton 21. 920000 tons, sell-through rate 100%; Domestic cotton clinch a deal the 11. 090000 tons, brought in 97. 93%. 3-5 month 17 national cotton reserves average daily minimum sell-through rate of 98. Clinch a deal 86%, up to 100%, the popularity of exceed market expectations of all parties concerned. China cotton net reporter contrast for nearly two weeks of clinch a deal the results found that the textile enterprises to clinch a deal or decline in the proportion of the total round out. Round out the first week, 3-5 month 6) 67 textile business auction clinchs a deal ratio. 03%, the second week ( On May 9 - 13) Textile enterprises 65% auction clinchs a deal. As FangQi cotton effectively release the pressure of the inventory is too low, traders role is more and more big. In addition, national cotton reserves has also dropped, bidding price highest mark-up on oscillation. On May 17th, national cotton reserves clinch a deal the average price of 12252 yuan/ton, the highest price 14110 yuan/ton ( Imports of cotton) , the highest price 2900 yuan/ton, and round out the highest tariffs as common in 3000 - the first week 4000 yuan/ton. From the point of time, 3 to 5 month National cotton reserves basic outbound, part of the 6th week auction FangQi has used the national cotton reserves, more than ten thousand tons of cotton but it doesn't make cotton enterprise thirst, market participants estimates at least 40 - again 500000 tons of national cotton reserves outbound satisfying FangQi actual need, from the perspective of the outbound amount of current, at least need about 10 days, when the national cotton reserves wheel can clinch a deal may be cool. Judging from the reaction of textile enterprises, the national cotton reserves clinch a deal valence is spot obvious advantages, especially ChanMian, domestic cotton, 10500 - 12000 yuan/ton price guarantee C32S, C21S FangQi spinning yarn have certain profit, XinJiangMian spot has a price no city phenomenon more and more obvious. For traders to auction the cause of the rise, on the one hand, FangQi and cotton enterprise cash flow generally more nervous, after more than 10 days of bidding, purchasing raw material capital tie up more and more, need to wait for gauze, clothing collection can continue to buy the raw material, but most traders take paid for FangQi generation film, financing, financing methods such as bidding national cotton reserves, so the operation of funds more quickly, high efficiency, pay attention to fast forward quickly; On the other hand, some larger scale, well-funded traders have a bidding stock phenomenon. According to regulations, at the end of August 2015/16 national cotton reserves out of the end, but there are still 30 - from a large number of listed of the crop 45 days, cotton demand how to solve? Especially the low-cost high-quality imports of cotton, XinJiangMian likely short supply vacuum ( Port bonded Australian cotton, cotton clearance prices significantly higher than that of FangQi capacity) So traders bidding national cotton reserves increase in the number of operating gambling market, the market is advancing. It is understood that the round out the number of imports of cotton reserves is limited, as of May 17 has clinch a deal the 21st. 920000 tons of remnant resources, now is not much, in the case of countries to tighten the cotton import quotas, want to buy the high price of imports of cotton enterprises have to take the time of bidding.
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