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Trade war influence yarn production policy support to offset - downstream in xinjiang Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
On May 29, by the zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, cotton in the information center co. , LTD. , the host of xinjiang ( Southern xinjiang) Cotton planting area and the growth DiaoYanTuan visited xinjiang korla economic and technological development zone. According to development zone after the hair Liu Qin secretary, nearly three years in xinjiang textile and garment industry developing rapidly, at present, the development zone construction of the three big millions of some factory, with air spinning 15. 30000 head, vortex spinning 1. 30000 and 800000 pounds, ring spun at the same time there are two dyeing and carpet, towel and a series of downstream projects. Development zone textile and apparel production reached 12. 4 billion, 2018, 9 year-on-year growth. 7%, yarn production of nearly 500000 tons. In the first quarter of this year affected by a trade war with China, order a large number of missing, production output fell 10% to $3 billion. In order to offset the negative influence of a trade war, the development zone is also actively guide enterprise authors efficiency, cost savings, actively explore other market, improve the competitiveness. The future direction of the policy support of xinjiang is still to the textile and garment downstream migration, support from the previous five years increased dramatically. In the downstream industry has not been fully developed and dyeing factory support a relatively large. Put into production, the development zone has two dye factory to solve the key factor of promoting the development of textile and garment industry chain extension down. Litai silk road of xinjiang as a development zone, pure cotton yarn production enterprises, the most representative of the xinjiang korla, kuytun and uzbekistan has three industrial park. By the end of this year, in the xinjiang region for production of yarn size will reach 3 million ingot, cotton consumption will reach 30 - 350000 tons. Influenced by a trade war with China, 1 - May the textile yarn production decreased by 30%, compared to the expected this kind of situation will last until the end of the year.
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