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Too smart cangnan burn out - a cotton factory Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-20
Does not listen to persuasion, irregularities, YiMian textile factory director in the absence of any protective measures, allow electrician to use electric welding equipment welding was carried out on the gate cutting, two people also made a simple shield, all thought foolproof. As a result, the sparks fire. At 4 p. m. on May 7, more hope in cangnan county public security bureau police station received a call, a cotton textile factory emergency fire within their respective jurisdictions. After turning, police and firefighters to the scene quickly fire fighting. After investigation, the cause of electrician XXL in the welding and cutting the failing to protective measures, the welding when Mars splashed around pile of cotton, fire. Because the fire is bigger, more serious, business owners, li mou has burn in the hospital for treatment. Business owners, li mou reportedly ready to roll gate into a sliding door, so he call the electrician XXL to responsible for modification. Around this period, it has been put forward are cotton yarn is easy to cause fire, but lee and others don't listen to your advice, also thinks himself to make a simple shield, thought can 'perfectly' so to avoid the happening of the fire. As a result, it is this self-righteous 'smart' make no fire alert, found in the first time, eventually led to the tragedy. At present, the XXL negligence was on fire and use fire assignments are cangnan police administrative detention, case is pending further. Business owners, li mou is now hospitalized.
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