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Tongxiang promotes high-quality economic development with government and enterprise 'clean' and 'pro'

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
'We want to build an intelligent storage base. Can the government provide support in terms of land and other aspects?' 'Now the country proposes the'One Belt One Road' initiative. We want to group together to develop in Africa, but because many policies are not proficient, it seems that we are not confident.' Yesterday , The person in charge of relevant departments of Tongxiang City said that since the first quarter of last year, Tongxiang City has held business leaders’ symposiums at least once a quarter to 'zero distance' to listen to the voices of entrepreneurs, solve problems for enterprises, and build better ones. Business environment. Up to now, a total of 534 opinions and suggestions from 309 companies have been collected, and they have been fully implemented in functional departments for point-to-point processing. The problems involved have been processed and feedback, and the completion rate has exceeded 90%. 'If there are any difficulties in the enterprise, we will help you solve it.' Tongxiang has established a sound entrepreneurial forum system, and made every effort to open up the 'last mile' of service enterprises. It is problem-oriented, asks for ideas and solutions, asks for high morale, and enables entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. The enthusiasm for innovation is bursting out, and the government and enterprises are 'clear' and 'pro' to promote high-quality economic development. Two days before 'asking' a good environment for development, Qian Yunsheng, the head of Zhejiang Dingkun Garment Co., Ltd. nodded and praised, 'I am very satisfied, this way. , Not only solves our immediate problems, but also gives us clothing companies a peace of mind.” As a traditional sweater company, Qian Yunsheng encountered the same embarrassment as the heads of other sweater companies: the investment in sweater equipment was flat. Vehicles, sewing machines, etc. are mainly used, and the investment in equipment is relatively small compared with other industries, which often fails to meet the proportion of equipment investment requirements in the project policy. However, as a traditional characteristic industry in Tongxiang City, the clothing industry represented by sweaters has made great contributions to economic development for a long time and is also the foundation for the development of Tongxiang's fashion industry.   The relevant person in charge of the Tongxiang City Economic and Information Bureau told the reporter that from the feedback gathered from the many corporate leaders’ symposiums held since last year, many of them involved the issue of the proportion of equipment investment in apparel companies that did not meet the standard. To this end, the bureau further optimized the adjustment and evaluation implementation opinions, and formally issued a new policy in May this year. Compared with the old version’s “one size fits all” situation of the equipment investment ratio, the new policy optimizes the characteristics of Tongxiang’s industry and is divided by industry. Develop different equipment investment ratios. Taking the textile and apparel industry as an example, the original equipment investment must be adjusted from 50% to 25%; at the same time, if the tax revenue exceeds the investment management contract after the project is put into production, the equipment investment ratio can also be appropriately reduced. 'It can be said that the adjusted The policy is more in line with the characteristics of Tongxiang’s industry, and it further emphasizes the “hero per acre”.”    Under the encouragement of this policy, the investment enthusiasm of Tongxiang entrepreneurs has increased. In the first five months of this year, a total of 13.663 billion yuan in fixed asset investment was completed , An increase of 9.1% year-on-year. Article keywords:  Tongxiang sweater
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