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Tongxiang city government and enterprises to 'qing' and 'pro' booster - high quality and economic development Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
'We want to build a intelligent storage base, government support in such aspects as land? '' now, all the countries' area 'initiatives, we want to attempt to Africa's development, but because of many policies don't proficient, trailing off. 'Yesterday, tongxiang city related department official said, since last year in the first quarter, tongxiang held by the frequency of not less than once each quarter, head of the enterprise symposium, listen to the heart-felt wishes of the entrepreneurs' zero distance ', for the enterprise and create a better business environment. Collected up to now, there are 309 companies making Suggestions on article 534 of the opinions, have full implementation of the functional departments of point-to-point, involving problems have been dealt with feedback, BanJieLv more than 90%. 'Companies have what difficulties, we help you solve. 'Tongxiang to establish and perfect the system of entrepreneurs forum, to get through the service enterprise' the last kilometer ', problem oriented, ask the thinking way, ask the high morale, to spurt the passion of entrepreneurial innovation, 'qing' government and enterprises to 'kiss' booster quality and economic development. 'Q' two days before the good development environment, in the face of tongxiang city, via investment bureau chief Shen Bin return answer, zhejiang ding kun garments co. , LTD. , head Qian Yunsheng nodding praise, 'very satisfied, as a result, not only solves the problem of our eyes, more let us these clothing enterprises under the reassurance. 'As the traditional sweater enterprises, Qian Yunsheng earlier met with other sweater, director of embarrassment: sweater is given priority to with flat wagon, sewing machines and other equipment investment, small equipment investment relative to other industry, often can not meet the project policy on the proportion of investment in equipment. Tongxiang city but as a traditional industry, represented by sweater garment industry has long made a larger contribution for the economic development, as well as the foundation of tongxiang fashion industry development. Tongxiang city by the related letter bureau told reporters that the held several times since last year, head of the enterprise symposium summary feedback the information, many involving substandard garment enterprises equipment investment ratio. For this, the agency assessment implementation opinions further optimization and adjustment, and placed in a new policy in May this year, compared with the old version 'one size fits all' percentage of investment in equipment, new policies aimed at tongxiang industry characteristic has been optimized, divisions for different equipment investment proportion. In textile and garment industry, for example, from the original equipment investment adjustments must be 50% proportion is 25%; At the same time, after the project put into production, tax the super investment management of the contract, also can reduce equipment investment proportion, appropriately ', so to speak, after the adjustment policies more in line with the tongxiang industry characteristics, and further emphasizes the 'per acre of heroes. 'In tongxiang city, under the stimulus of the policy of entrepreneur's enthusiasm are increasingly high, the first five months of this year completed investment in fixed assets 136. 6. 3 billion yuan, rose 9. 1%.
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