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This week the cotton market will usher in 2017 - the most critical time window Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
We often say that the cotton market there are three the most critical year often 'time window', often and important changes; And what's interesting is that three important holidays collocated with China again. One is the '51' window period, when the cotton planting season, planting area of basic settle; The second is '11' window period, cotton bulk listing harvest, a year supply, seed cotton purchase price and so on have basic confirmation; Three is the 'Spring Festival' window period, a year before important economic and industry statistics since dense release, judge a year consumption such as possible. At present, we are gradually entering the vital listing period of the crop. In late September, a large amount of xinjiang cotton gradually began to harvest. As local seed cotton purchase price gradually emerges, although more disorderly, there is no more to agree on a price formation, but every action affects the spot market and futures market 'nervous'. As a barometer of the market of xinjiang seed cotton purchase price basic one day one price, higher than the same period last year level. Begin business rising prices from the original 6. 5 yuan/kg up to 7. 5 yuan/kg, the price is much higher than the same period last year, and no stop signs of rising. It is reported, kuytun began to pick up cotton purchase machine at a factory price is 6. 2 - 6. 3 yuan/kg. The factory hand picked cotton prices callback, now 7. 2 yuan/kg, volume is less. Local individual factory price still remain at 7. 4 - 7. 5 yuan/kg, volume is fair. WuSu, turpan, seed cotton purchase price is relatively stable, hand picked cotton prices in July. About 3 yuan/kg. Southern xinjiang aksu, WeiLi cotton prices gradually begin business, WeiLi 6 early begin business at a factory price. 9 yuan/kg, have recently raised to 7. 5 yuan/kg. Professionals said that xinjiang cotton picking early last year begin business price in June. About 8 yuan/kg, then along with the rising price of rush in the harvest, acquisition of peak when the most high to 7. About 8 yuan/kg, but in the early begin business this year has reached 7. 5 yuan/kg. Learned, approved by the State Council, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the ministry of agriculture jointly issued the target price of cotton, 2017, 1 per tonne. 860000 yuan. The goal of cotton price policy, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to grow cotton. Original seed cotton is expected to begin business price is lower than last year's possibility is very large, result unexpectedly not only did not decline, even higher than last year price. According to understand xinjiang office, now begin business prices at 7. 5 yuan/kg of the enterprise is not much, and the volume is limited, is a cotton purchase money now is not in place, the second is security, environmental protection strict inspection, to start construction enterprise is restricted. Later with the increase of seed cotton market, do not rule out the possibility of further at high prices. Xinjiang cotton output this year is significantly higher than last year, but in the face of large cotton ginning mill capacity, snapping up hype is expected to become the inevitable, let the market especially worried about whether there will be a high low open walk. The reservoir storage wheel out into the countdown, closing high, clinch a deal last week for an average of 14846 yuan/ton, the previous rose 196 yuan/ton. As of Friday, national cotton reserves accumulated outbound deal 3. 07 million tons this year, closing at 72. 73%. Cast store and then there were the last week, is expected to total volume or can reach 3. 2 million tons. After two years in a row of efficient storage, we think of as of the end of nine countries national cotton reserves total inventory will drop to 5. 3 million tons. Zheng cotton market after the USDA report bad fell sharply last week, again this week to return to oscillation pattern. Main 1801 contract price fluctuates up and down in 15500 yuan/ton. With a large number of new flowers of listed and national cotton reserves are round, the market worried about short-term cotton supply is adequate, bearish sentiment is still heavy. In the domestic cotton spot market stability is slightly higher, including CNCotton B a week the average price 15893 yuan/ton, compared with the previous week in 18 yuan/ton; CC Index 3128 b average price 15973 yuan/ton, up to 15 yuan/ton. Outside dish, since late August, ICE period cotton basic motion according to the hurricane. After Harvey, Alma sweep, hurricane maria has become the key factors influencing the market nearly two weeks. This week as worries about the potential damage caused by the cotton maria, ICE period cotton main contract fell 1 on Thursday. On Friday, 52% Asian electronic disc dip in 68. After 11 cents per pound temporarily stabilised, but already back to Harvey position before the storm. ICE period cotton decline affect CotlookA index, immediate Cotlook A average of 79 this week. 36 cents/pound, 13071 yuan/ton, down 259 yuan from last week, outside dish once again become a 'affects' store the key factor of price changes. To sum up, this week will be the key determinants of cotton market to a week. On the one hand, national cotton reserves wheel will usher in the last week of this year, up to seven months behind store bonuses will gradually fade out; On the other hand, the acquisition of the crop will be massive begin business, public prosecutor will also be of the crop, the crop 'opening' will be unveiled. According to the forecast, this week the national cotton reserves round out the base price will be in 14502 yuan/ton, down 121 yuan/ton, compared with the previous week but it is difficult to cast store deals on a big impact.
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