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There are three major changes - xinjiang textile this year Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
Communicate with a cotton merchant in shandong, about this XinJiangMian industry situation, his kindness, said the future future must belong to the xinjiang cotton industry in China, plans to join the army of 'gold rush' in xinjiang. Xinjiang as so promising? Have three big changes, you can see, the first big change: the stronger adsorption capacity for cotton textile enterprises. 2 - Three years ago, basic on the development of cotton textile industry preferential policy in xinjiang, spend money subsidies by the state. In recent years, the developed country and the autonomous region of various preferential and subsidy policy, accounting to the xinjiang enterprises, in 2000 - almost 2200 yuan/ton. That is to say, in the production of cotton in xinjiang, cost less to save 2000 yuan/ton. Snowball rolling cotton in xinjiang, the greater the adsorption capacity is becoming more and more strong, the cluster effect appeared gradually. Many mainland companies, said today the conditional enterprises competing in xinjiang investment in factories. Preferential policies are no longer just a single value, more is took a fancy to the prospects for development of xinjiang. As of June 2017, the xinjiang cotton textile production capacity up to 13. 6 million pounds. Some predict, since the end of the xinjiang cotton textile production capacity or over 15 million pounds, in 2020, to 20 million pounds. XinJiangMian rise of textile industry is accelerating. The second big change: the 'walk, go to pick flowers' to 'go, go to find opportunities'. As in previous years, last year more mainlanders are migrant workers in xinjiang, work is also very single, mainly is the 'gardener'. Mainly distributed in henan, shaanxi, shanxi and hebei, these areas are densely populated, industry development is relatively lagging behind. But starting this year, is a new phenomenon, a substantial reduction in number of pick up florist in xinjiang, xinjiang 'find opportunities' instead of the people are on the rise. The third big change: the industry is to develop in the high-end. With the development of xinjiang cotton, cotton, bring the rich development opportunities. A aksu enterprise boss used to have a cotton processing production line, this year already signed a lease contract with a mainland enterprises. He also cooperates with a mainland factory, building a 100000 pounds of cotton textile factory, is now in the project examination and approval, can put into production DaXiao is expected in the first half of 2018. A career in more advanced and more money, are becoming old cotton in xinjiang people's choice. Investment, development, land is best summarized in xinjiang, xinjiang's infinite good future prospects.
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