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The Yellow River basin in 2016 and who is going to continue to make? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
In 2015 the Yellow River in shandong, hebei, henan and tianjin cotton production cuts have become a fact, then how many cotton farmers intend to continue to make in 2016? Some old cotton farmers do not change his mind. Hebei cangzhou cotton farmers zhao masters make 3 in 2015. 7 acres, is full of their own responsibility farmland. Zhao masters said, he has more than 20 years of experience in cotton, but never go in for expansion. Is your own this 'a mu 3 distribute land', year after year, a year. 'This kind of cotton is made less, but that doesn't mean that cotton is out of the market. , 'zhao masters said he doesn't think cotton could collapse, 20 years of wind and rain drips come over, in 2015 the little cartwheels calculate what? For decades, the Yellow River basin have a lot of old cotton farmers like zhao masters, they look for the cotton, 'good also, either good or bad', was a loyal fan of cotton. There are also some profession also stay. Henan zhengzhou, there is such a company sets of cotton breeding, cultivation, scientific research as a whole. Enterprise manager said that in 2015 they have breeding and planting base in all parts of the country, spreading itself too large, comprehensive, they made some. 'Don't make do? Cotton is our roots, our lifeline. 'Chief says, they will not give up cotton in 2016, will also intensify research showed quality cotton species, especially accelerate the cotton-picking machine test and promotion. Of course, not all of the profession of like henan so 'tall', the company has many individual farmer, 2015 packages to make lost many, but there are still some says it will hold. Henan zhengzhou yu says, after a storm comes a calm, cotton in 2015 fell to the floor, he did not believe that under the floor and the basement, over the years, make tasted also eaten, 'bittersweet salty' is the complete life puzzle, cotton. Others will make YiMian area. In jidong, lubei, eastern region belongs to the salty soil, suitable for cotton, cotton and mostly to contracting, contract fee is only 100 - 200 yuan/mu, individual land even without contract fee. Dongying, shandong province, a cotton farmers said the local package to make the contract fee is 200 yuan/mu, if get cotton subsidies, to save the contract fee. These favourable conditions attracted many foreign cotton cotton reclaimed. In addition, the cotton grows well in 2015, the average yield of 400 kg/mu, in terms of price 3 yuan/kg, the gross profit of 1200 yuan/mu. Provincial contract fee already so, again province irrigation fee, all, some farmers and small profit. 'The eastern coastal areas suitable for cotton, and pick up cotton is suitable for machine. 'A market source said, the mainland cotton labor is the biggest difficulty is more, pick up cotton promotion machine has been imperative, pick up cotton region to promote machine that provide the resources and experience. With the approach of the Spring Festival, everywhere is obvious. Many people think, the Yellow River basin in 2016 cotton output in 2015 will be a reduction of 30% on the basis of the above. But the author thinks that, the old cotton, the cotton farmers and some YiMian areas, they will stick to cotton, so cotton industry will not fall in the Yellow River. As for the Yellow River basin in 2016 cotton planting area is reduced, can only quietly waiting for the results.
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