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The yarn price upside down 3 - both inside and outside April imports or landslide - again Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
According to places such as guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang, shandong cotton traders feedback, nearly more than a week to import cotton yarn shipment inquiry, continued downturn in the light, C21S - High C32S Vietnam and India with BaoPiao yarn season orders again and again to break a promise. Due to bonded port, customs clearance of inventory is bigger, tie up funds; Plus the march/April shipment, delivery quantity is not low, so in foshan, shaoxing, changzhou textile market traders sell-offs C8S - Siro-spun C16S Pakistan repatriate funds as soon as possible, alleviate the pressure of the cash flow. From the point of quotation, since mid-march import cotton yarn outside dish, inside dish Yin fell more than in a row, OE yarn, combed yarn and combed yarn none survived; March 24 - 25, Qingdao port 32 c BaoPiao india-pakistan yarn price is larger than domestic yarn - 150 250 yuan/ton. Losses and cotton yarn price upside down, inside and outside the production of India/Vietnam cotton production proportion rising, so the cotton traders run short-term price goods will is not strong. According to the Vietnamese several mills, the new crown pneumonia outbreak, depreciation, and weaving, clothing enterprises in China and production slowly, the influence of part since February varieties & other; Has a price without throughout the city &; , inventories continue to increase. According to customs statistics, 1-2020 In February 280000 tons of China's imports of cotton yarn, fell 1. 4% ( In January, imports of larger) While the 2019. 9 - 2020. Total imports of cotton yarn fell 1 2 month. 1%, so in spite of the Spring Festival, the influence of the new champions league outbreak, cotton yarns imports fell for the first two months of this year is not prominent. Some cotton yarn importers,. ltd think, on the one hand, two months to complete the 2019, 2020 years ago. 10 - December & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Order is given priority to; Traders on the other hand, the middlemen to large Chinese enterprises and production after the outbreak to return to work in cotton demand & other; Blowout & throughout; Expectations of a strong, positive stock up, but because of the outbreak of the new champions league world, our country spinning clothing export orders, the single problem and re-start imposing a 25% tariff on some Chinese goods, passive people exchange rate depreciation and so on negative pressure ( Henan, shandong, jiangsu and zhejiang and other places a few small fabric and garment enterprises face a determination to keep factories and workers idle risk) , so in March and April cotton import and consumption situation or atrophy is larger.
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