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The yarn clinch a deal the bullish stock up - not middlemen Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
According to the feedback places such as guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang cotton traders, import OE yarn, 16 s - recently 32 s ring spinning and JC21, JC32S cotton inquiry and clinch a deal have been weak and decreasing, especially in December shipment & other; Main force & throughout; OE yarn and 21 s, C32S BaoPiao knitting yarn cool faster; Pakistan s - 8 32 s and above 16 s siro-spun and India cotton yarn to clinch a deal. The industry analysis, on the one hand, the ICE cotton futures, India domestic cotton prices and the effects of rising domestic cotton yarn factory price as, not only the yarn FOB and CNF price increase significantly ( Including bonded, and their cargoes at sight) , and port clearance cotton price also answer up considerably and the downstream, terminal orders growth improvement under the condition of small,. ltd, take will fell goods such as clothing factory; On the other hand to enter in early January, jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong, fujian, shandong and other coastal areas in weaving enterprises ( Contain the cowboy. ltd, mill, etc. ) , factories have a holiday, rest, first, according to the raw materials, ready for the enthusiasm is not high, still plans & other; Along with it to buy, look less deposit & throughout; Give priority to. From the investigation, 12 are hoarding import yarn will, signing since late purchasing 2 / march shipment of cotton yarn mainly traders and nonwovens enterprises, one is with the first stage of China and the United States trade agreement is signed, obviously alleviate tensions between Iran and America, global trade and economic development will be back on track, China spinning clothing export confidence quickly recover; The second is the peripheral news & other; To master the & throughout; Neutral, USDA cotton report and the more the strong support of China, India cotton purchase, ICE cotton futures, rising raw material and labor costs rise, and so on pressure of national cotton, cotton prices can only take the inflation pressure relief; 3 it is a trade war with China in 2019 & other; Throughout history &; , most of the cotton trade enterprises, weaving mill, garment factory in order to avoid risk, to reduce the pressure of cash flow, cut the raw material inventory is low ( Cotton yarn, grey cloth) , in theory, after the Spring Festival will boot, procurement peak; Four is affected by domestic yarn price to rise slightly, since January high port clearance with BaoPiao C21S, C32S india-pakistan yarn and domestic distribution continues to narrow, even a difference but import yarn with cotton grade, hundred meters breakage, bobbin dyeing and other indicators are relatively good, middlemen hoarding prefer imported yarn ( And some domestic mills C32S count cotton yarn is still mainly adopts 2018/19 cotton Chen, state reserve cotton and low quality cotton raw material) 。
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