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The Yangtze river cotton picking nearly half good quality market seemingly busy? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
It's sunny most recently, the Yangtze river region, cotton boll opening and picking. 29, jiangsu, anhui, hubei, seed cotton picking in 30 - progress 40%, individual regions have more than 60%, but farmers sell different situation. On a clear day, picking progress quickly. 29, hubei tianmen cotton farmers Lao zhang is introduced: 'this year, the local weather is good, seed cotton boll opening, now more than 3 acres of cotton fields have been picked by more than half. 'Local majority is responsibility farmland, farmers with boll opening with the picking, picking progress quickly. Anqing, anhui province, at the same time some cotton farmers, local seed cotton picking schedule, nearly half of the seed cotton picking, more than 60% can reach more than white cotton level 3, 28 mm length, cotton farmers for simple dry deposit after home, hope to sell. Most of the 400 type cotton ginning mill already begin business, local area has yet to start. Cotton ginning mill in Yangtze river basin have different acquisition progress, including hubei, jiangsu, most of the 400 type cotton ginning mill already begin business, seed cotton purchase price in 3. 5 - 3. 6 yuan/jin, individual in 3. 7 yuan/kg and above, in 1 - day volume 30000 jins, has yet to reach orgasm. However, parts of anhui seed cotton purchase has not yet started, as a result of the recent parts of anhui cold wet weather, cotton boll opening is affected. The region in the east and still did not see 400 cotton ginning mill begin business, only a small amount of MianFan go from door to door, 3 quotation. 2 - 3. 3 yuan/kg. MianFan is given priority to with foreign merchants, the market seems to be lively, actual transaction. Recently, in dafeng, yancheng, jiangsu, hubei tianmen, jingzhou and anqing in anhui and east to more active MianFan is given priority to with foreign merchants. For example, some cotton merchant in shandong in hubei tianmen seed cotton purchase price is 3. 1 - 3. 3 yuan/jin, buy 2 - 30000 jins then shipped to shandong heze for processing, also more profitable. According to the cotton trader said: 'because of this year, hubei area of cotton color grade, length, indicators such as horse value is higher, attract foreign processing plants are to purchase. 'It is understood that MianFan go from door to door acquisition is lively, but MianFan offered a much lower price, cotton farmers, clinch a deal a few. In addition, the price of cotton seed is not stable, some cotton ginning mill has yet to begin business, seemingly lively, and the purchase and sale of actual relatively cold and cheerless. Follows the Yangtze river cotton on time to market, the crop is expected this year a large number of listed in the middle of October, cotton city main body action, stay after cotton listed, whether farmers can achieve to sell cotton prices? Acquisition of drama in Yangtze river basin has just started, let's wait and see.
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