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The Yangtze river basin in vacation mode - cotton market Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Distance with 18 days, the Spring Festival in previous years, this time, the market into the 'crazy' last time, but a little different this year, most enterprises have entered a vacation mode, but this kind of advance into the situation of the holiday, full of helpless, not voluntarily. On January 20, jingzhou city, hubei province, wuhan, 12700-3128 class b stock delivery price 12800 yuan/ton ( Gross weight, to bring my ticket) , price 12400-3128 c level 12500 yuan/ton, 4128 c 12100 yuan/tons, compared with last week, the price of center of gravity down 100 yuan/ton. 'Although cut, clinch a deal is still zero. 'On the same day, jingzhou cotton ginning mill boss said, due to the textile enterprise mostly finished ready for the Spring Festival, the recent procurement has stalled, cotton ginning mill were in vacation mode. Jiangsu, jiangxi and other places market also is in a state has a price no city. On the same day, yancheng, jiangsu province, suqian, seed cotton mainstream price 2. 85 - 2. 90 yuan/jin, price and trading, the market still water wave. Seed cotton to sell, there are three main reasons: one is 90% cotton ginning mill stopped, so has the rest of the enter 'vacation mode', acquisition of main body is missing, cotton farmers sell cotton. Second, seed cotton farmers in the residual is more, the quality is not optimistic, in cotton ginning mill strictly the quality pass mark, seed cotton 'leftover women want to marry', says one yancheng cotton farmers, now his family still has more than 2000 jin of seed cotton. For cotton traders, dealers, the stock is now the biggest problem, a hubei li cotton business introduction, since October 2015, he started to buy fine cotton and long-stape cotton in xinjiang, but most of these cotton out is, for example, fine cotton in xinjiang since the inventory, plus interest, such as warehousing, transportation cost, cost of 3128 class b XinJiangMian has up to 13500 yuan/ton, down at least 300 yuan/ton; Long-staple cotton, as of January 20, jiangsu and zhejiang area long-staple cotton prices in 23300-137 level 23400 yuan/ton, 237 level in 22400 yuan/ton on the line, and the cost is as high as 23800 - respectively 23900 yuan/ton, 22900 - The cost of 23000 yuan/ton, down 400 - 500 yuan/ton. And don't sell sell is deficient, advance and retreat are deep, this is the true feelings now cotton merchants. Recently, many cotton merchant to depreciate sales promotion, sale at a loss. 'The key is no buyers, cotton and there is no takers, it is the most terrible. 'A lot of cotton, very helpless,' officially 'subjects to the early before the Spring Festival this year, they can only as a vacation army into vacation mode in advance. No one can predict the future, more do not know what market after the Spring Festival, many market subjects are worried about the afternoon market moves, no matter how to all want to go forward step by step, can out of trouble.
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