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The Woolmark Company release The golden fleece logo - high Textile information - Textile net -

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
Event not only shows the golden fleece ( 纯羊毛标志黄金) Selection of 17 fabric and yarn manufacturers, guests can experience more merino wool from pasture to show concept, high status of the men's wear, virtual reality and wool ranch immersive feeling. Live show of the golden fleece fabrics suit highlights the many facets of the merino wool elegance. The WoolmarkCompany more guests and media gave an exclusive fashion show, as well as The unique and gentleman gentleman awards party, salute common spirit of a gentleman. Beautyberry designed for inspiration to The golden fleece fabrics 2018 chun xia series The Woolmark Company for jerry fu model school principal jerry fu, The elephant guild QuGuangCi founder jack jin, famous artist and actor and singer aunt yu presented The 'gold medal of woollen mark gentleman' TRANDS, UPPER new features of The golden fleece marks ( 纯羊毛标志黄金) Representative for fiber by Australia merino wool quality, by the selection of British and European traditional fabrics and fine fabric and yarn, yarn manufacturers, to provide excellent quality for haute couture and high-end men's clothing, has long been favored by the world's top designers and consumers. The conference aims to further support the development of China's high on men's clothing design, high quality fabrics, exquisite craft, the modern version to fusion of the latest design concept, to meet the personalized requirements of contemporary Chinese consumers more fashion conscious and. Beautyberry as local designer brands, to consummate the traditional craft combined with modern technology, to promote 'simple, natural, peaceful' of the modern way of life, with concise and easy, sexy luxurious style. The present to the golden fleece ( 纯羊毛标志黄金) Fabric designs for the inspiration of 2018 chun xia series emphasizes the dimensional feeling of body and dress themselves, designers thinking about the new gentleman style, will be the heart of unruly hidden under the appearance of simple and have qualitative feeling, use science and technology influence the industrial civilization, explore several possible wool production process. In addition, the exhibition of creation ( TRANDS) And elegant pyron di ( 上) Suit new also brought the collocation of surprise, at the same time, in the tradition of classical clipping and the latest fashion elements, reveal the trend of contemporary Chinese gentleman demeanor and elegant temperament. The golden fleece ( 纯羊毛标志黄金) As own duty, in the spirit of inheriting the gentleman who recognize outstanding gentleman too much a different field, is committed to promoting 'elegant, responsibility, supreme quality' of the modern concept of gentleman, more on the cultural dissemination, social responsibility, industry development has played a positive role. The conference, The WoolmarkCompany models for jerry fu school principal jerry fu, The elephant association founder jack jin, famous artists QuGuangCi and actor and singer aunt yu awarded 'gold medal of woollen mark gentleman', in recognition of their outstanding contribution in The field of their own and The spirit of a gentleman. 'This year we continue to promote The golden fleece project in China, to represent The highest level of men's clothing of worsted wool fabric manufacturers suit brand links with China, was awarded The second year in a row, The' Gentlemen 'sGuild' medal of honor in all areas contribution outstanding contemporary gentleman. 'The WoolmarkCompany's general manager, greater China and Asia new markets, executive vice President Mr Metrologic said:' a suit is The armour of a gentleman, a set 19. 5 microns in diameter Australia merino wool yarn weaving, and customize the golden fleece suit, can reflect contemporary gentleman most wise, elegant, and willingness to take risks. 'About the gold wool sign: the golden fleece ( 纯羊毛标志黄金) On behalf of the classy fabrics made of high quality merino wool and yarn. It must be by the fiber fineness of less than 19. 5 micron new Australia merino wool, and then through the selection of British and European golden fleece ( 纯羊毛标志黄金) Recognition of fabric and yarn manufacturers. Choose meet strict standards of the fabric made of clothing, to qualify for the golden fleece ( 纯羊毛标志黄金) The title. About The Woolmark Company: The Woolmark wool textile Company is authority certification bodies, and wool textile and fashion of The world to The enterprise to establish a cooperative relationship. We are going to Australian wool is regarded as the most natural clothing fibers and the first selection of high luxury fashion fabrics. Pure wool mark ( 纯羊毛标志) Is the world's most famous textile marker. It is not only the guarantee of high quality, but also the whole industry chain from farm to the final garment in best quality and innovative design. The Woolmark Company is Australia wool development corporation ( 澳大利亚羊毛创新) A wholly owned subsidiary, is a by 2. 40000 herdsmen jointly owned by the nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the Australian wool the global supply of research and development and marketing services.
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