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The volume and price of reserve cotton rebounded, Zheng cotton rose strongly

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
Last week (May 14-18, 2018) was the tenth week of the 2017/2018 cotton reserve rotation. China Reserve Cotton Management Co., Ltd. listed and traded the reserve cotton weight of 150,000 tons, of which Xinjiang cotton was 50,000 tons, accounting for 33 %, real estate cotton is 100,000 tons, accounting for 67%; the actual transaction is 116,000 tons, the transaction rate is 77%, the Xinjiang cotton transaction is 50,000 tons, the transaction rate is 100%, the real estate cotton transaction is 66,000 tons, the transaction rate is 66%. That week, the average transaction price of reserve cotton rounds was 14,561 yuan/ton, which was equivalent to the standard (3128) price of 15,785 yuan/ton, the average transaction price of Xinjiang cotton was 15,128 yuan/ton, the average increase was 1,307 yuan/ton, and the highest transaction price was 16,400 yuan/ton. Tons, the lowest transaction price is 14,060 yuan/ton; the average transaction price of real estate cotton is 14,135 yuan/ton, the average price increase is 369 yuan/ton, the highest transaction price is 16,500 yuan/ton, and the lowest transaction price is 13,160 yuan/ton. As of May 18, 2018, a total of 1.44 million tons of cotton reserves were listed for 2017/2018, including 460,000 tons of Xinjiang cotton and 980,000 tons of real estate cotton; a total of 820,000 tons were sold, with a transaction rate of 57%, of which Xinjiang cotton was sold. 460,000 tons, a transaction rate of 99.99%, a transaction of 360,000 tons of real estate cotton, a transaction rate of 37%; a total of 520 transaction companies, and a textile company’s transaction of 370,000 tons, accounting for 45%; a trader’s transaction of 450,000 tons, accounting for 55% .   During the week, the turnover rate of reserve cotton continued to rise, and the average transaction price increased by 301 yuan/ton from the previous month. The transaction volume and transaction price of reserve real estate cotton hit a new high. The national cotton price CNCottonB index weekly average price is 15,667 yuan / ton, up 61 yuan / ton from the previous week's average price; in the futures market, on May 18, Zheng Cotton's main contract CF1809 closed at 16,700 yuan / ton, a continuous increase in the week Increasingly, CF1809, CF1901 and CF1903 all rose by the limit on the 16th; driven by the breakthrough of futures prices, the spot market sales volume and prices rose, and the quotation of cotton yarn was raised. In terms of cotton production, Xinjiang has experienced low temperature and rainy weather, hail and windy weather in some parts, and the growth of cotton seedlings is slower than last year, but the output situation needs to be observed. Article keywords:  reserve cotton cotton
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