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The us-china trade quotas have new progress, cotton? Listen to the cotton textile conference guest how to say it - 2018 Textile information - Textile net -

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
On October 14, sponsored by the China cotton textile industry association, '2018 China cotton textile conference and the fifth session of the fourth member enlargement' was held in Shanghai. Meeting with 'quality change, promote efficiency and kinetic energy transformation' as the theme. Deputy director general of department of industry and information technology, consumer goods industry xue-jun cao in his speech, the paper analyzes the current situation of cotton textile industry and the challenge. She said that, in the period of transformation and upgrading of the cotton spinning industry, the adjustment of industrial structure, development in the direction of the intelligent, automation equipment, has a lot to improve working environment, yarn varieties are increasingly rich, but at the same time should also face up to the challenge, such as product market by extrusion. In the first quarter this year, China cotton textile enterprises above designated size advocate business wu income fell by 2. 9%, profits fell by 1. 7%; Equipment automation level difference is big, the high cost; The impact of sino-us trade friction to FangQi business confidence. Has long been closely tied to cotton and chemical fiber, both exist alternative and competitive relationship. China textile industry association, vice President of deng xiaoping, China's chemical fiber industry association end in the theme report made a concrete analysis. He said that the past purchases in China's internal and external cotton spread, the viscose staple stayed relatively stable and reasonable prices, to digest the cotton price difference inside and outside play a very active role, maintain the balance of the China cotton textile industry raw material market. In 2017, our country the cotton fiber dosage amounted to 12. 7 million tons. Xiaoping thought, from the competition of chemical fiber and cotton in the past 10 years, the chemical fiber occupies a certain advantages, but the basic is benign, competition to promote the technological progress of their respective industries. The future chemical fiber, cotton will be peaceful coexistence, occupy the market, but delta mainly chemical fiber. Our country will further liberalisation of the cotton imports, to increase the number of the quota. Countries into the chakras system will start at the right time ( State reserve cotton reserves to 2. 5 million tons) , specific operation will be more market-oriented. About the influence of American cotton tariffs, deng xiaoping said that China's import of American cotton quantity accounted for the first, accounting for more than 40% in 2017. After imposing a 25% tariff will increase the cost of cotton, cotton spinning enterprises on the one hand, will be looking for other import source instead of American cotton, pollution-free Australian cotton and Brazil cotton were more likely to replace the cotton, cotton in India for the second, on the other hand will adjust the product structure, increase of cotton fiber application development, this is an accidental opportunity for the cotton fiber. China textile industry association, vice chairman, China textile industry branch of ccpit ying-xin xu Shared a trade war with China's influence on the textile industry and countermeasures. Sino-us trade is not just a trade war, he said, but at a deeper level of battle station, strategy. Environment policy: recommendation for perfect industry development. To properly handle the sino-us trade friction. The stability of RMB exchange rate. Develop multiple sales market. Reduce the corporate tax burden. Enterprises should actively and resources integration and global allocation of resources, in product research and development. On the issue of the enterprise quota of cotton, commissioner of the National Development and Reform Commission economic and trade department of the goods balance 2 Yin Jian stressed at the meeting, to do a good job in cotton quota enterprise honesty declaration is a foundation, in the initial declaration, many small and medium-sized enterprise false capacity, cotton consumption problems. Yin Jian also said that the cotton import high quality management to serve the industry for the principle, to consider the relationship between the upstream and downstream, both can satisfy the business enterprise demand for cotton, cotton to reduce costs, enhance FangQi competitiveness, and to safeguard the interests of farmers in xinjiang. The future cotton import management scheme can reduce government intervention, the autonomy to enterprises, the National Development and Reform Commission will form a reasonable solution as soon as possible, come early. Textile industry economic research institute, vice President of ming-xia zhao from the Angle of the textile and garment industry economy are analyzed. Data show that China's textile industry stability slowing economic growth, economic benefit enterprises above designated size in continued slow growth, the textile industry to run mass effect in stable condition, industrial structure optimization, textile clothing sale in domestic market growth, domestic demand market consumption upgrade feature. In general, the external environment variables, operation pressure increased, the enterprise competitive play a decisive role. Tianmen JiaoLunJin textile machinery co. , LTD. , general manager of tianmen textile machinery equipment are introduced at the meeting, he stressed that equipment research and development is not pure is reduced to increase efficiency, but with the person this, people can't do, error-prone step should be to intelligent devices. Cotton spinning enterprises for textile machinery manufacturing enterprises do the equipment: high reliability, continuous production, low failure rate; High stability, stable operation and quality consistent; High efficient, yield increase, saving energy and reducing consumption. Through the advanced equipment, complete process automation production lines, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.
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