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The United States, American cotton exports is the crop growing well - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
July 7, 2017 13, the domestic market of seven standard spot prices an average of 65. 1 52 cents/pound, the previous fall. Fell 46 cents, the same period last year 3. 33 cents/lb. In the week, the domestic spot market clinch a deal of seven 239 packages, clinch a deal this year accumulative total 1564064 packages. In the week, the domestic spot prices, foreign east-central Texas new inquiry in general, the demand of the Bangladesh, China and Indonesia, best west Texas foreign new flower inquiry, Bangladesh, China and Indonesia's demand the best, the western desert region and covenant gold foreign inquiry light, pima cotton price stability, overseas for new flower inquiry is good, the demand of China and Peru is the best. For sunny to cloudy weather, in the American southeast parts of rainfall, soil moisture is sufficient, the crop growing well, 7 - boll rate 21%; Central south north delta sunny hot weather, light rain late week, normal growth of the crop, 9 - boll rate 50%; Southern delta sunny hot weather, the dispersion thunderstorm added to soil moisture, the crop growing well, the boll setting rate of 10 - 54%; Texas south of the Rio DE Rio grande valley upland field harvest is accelerated, construction of cotton ginning mill, comprehensive crack bell boll opening of the crop of the entire central and southern Texas, east-central Texas alternating sunny or rainy weather helps the smooth growth of the crop; High temperature weather spur the growth of the crop in the west of the Texas and fully budding and flowering, the previous half hail causes loss of part of the cotton fields, seeding cotton without insurance; Across the western desert region high temperatures reach 47 degrees Celsius, comprehensive crack covet small bell of the crop, rainfall is very scattered, the crop grow well; Covenant gold region the hot weather, crop grew well; Pima cotton for the extreme high temperature weather, low rainfall, the crop is growing fine. The domestic textile mills for next year after shipment in January 2017, 4 cotton new flowers have inquiry, most factories at sight and recent inventory sufficient, textile purchasing cautious. American cotton export demand, the far east to continue a small inquiry 1-2018 The crop may shipment of low level.
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