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The United States aimed at export subsidy 'shot' - India Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
On March 14, the us trade representative, Wright jersey announced that the United States has put forward under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism with India's application for consultation. The negotiations for controversial matters involving plan for India's export subsidies, including India exports schemes, export-oriented enterprises and plans for specific industries, such as electronic hardware technology industrial park, special economic zones, capital goods exports to plan, duty-free imports for the production of goods for export plan, etc. The United States believes that, the obvious export subsidies for India provides financial benefits, allowed to sell the goods at a lower price, is bad for American workers and manufacturers. Wright and ze said the export subsidy program by creating an unfair treatment caused harm to American workers. The United States believe that India through these plans from some tariffs, taxes and fees, reduce the import duty, good for many Indian exporters, involving iron and steel products, medicines, chemicals, information technology products, textiles, clothing, etc. According to the Indian government documents, India each year thousands of companies from these projects to get more than 7 billion dollars of subsidies. In the consultation, according to data provided during the application documents of India's launch in 2015 commodity export plan expanded rapidly, now includes 8000 kinds of qualified products, the number is just started almost doubled; 2000 - 60 times in 2017, the special economic zones, export growth, among them, the special economic zones in 2016 exports accounted for 30% of India's total exports, more than 82 billion dollars. In addition, 2000 - In 2016, India export-oriented enterprise plan and the subsidy program in specific industry, including electronic hardware technology industrial park and other export growth by 160%. Between America and India after the dispute about India's national solar energy plan about to end, with export subsidies, the involved are the United States government trump the current focus, and for India, both also or will be America's practice its commitment to the 'use' all available tools 'to test the waters'.
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