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The trader's price affected aggravating - in xinjiang Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
It is understood that May 17 - 18, henan, hebei, shandong and other mainland regulatory library 2128 c2 ( 3128C2) 、2127C2( 3127C2) Level XinJiangMian public prosecutor gross weight at 12700 - quotation 12900 yuan/ton, 12500 - 12600 yuan/ton ( Local cotton mills) 。 Corps of hand picked cotton price is larger than 400 - place 500 yuan/ton, 3128 cotton-picking offer basic level c2 machine with local cotton mills hand picked cotton price is consistent, but the supply of goods is mostly concentrated in the hands of traders, bargaining, benefit space is limited. A cotton textile factory, said xinjiang xinjiang cotton processing enterprise inside and outside the warehouse of sources can have a 50 - commonly 100 yuan/ton of bargaining space, even a mention above 3 batch of cotton is difficult to negotiate price and trade, because of considering the expenses for warehousing, capital takes up, insurance, traders generally to premium 100 - 150 yuan/ton to have profit. Aksu, korla, professional cotton warehouse, trucks, rail out xinjiang since may have more obvious decline in the number of commodity cotton, individual warehouse outbound volume reduced by more than 50%, even on the one hand, state reserve cotton round start, FangQi, traders focus turns to state reserve cotton, quilt neglected, ignored in xinjiang; On the other hand, xinjiang inventory within the supply of goods by enterprises, traders and pick cotton, remaining with low quality, low spinnability of lint is given priority to, In addition to the corps cotton) Compared with the state reserve cotton from price to quality are no any advantage. Farmers in aksu and kashi, korla, sustained winds, sand and dust since May 15th, cool weather, part of county and township government disaster is more serious. Some cotton region of northern xinjiang cotton seedlings cannot break caused by rainfall or roots rotted, nanjiang shaya, three counties of kuqa, ava, seeding area is expected to more than 10%. Some seed companies, agriculture department officials said county, from the time point of view, if you choose the replay, can no longer grow in the 'new land' series of varieties, and should be cultivated varieties of 'premature'. In addition, considering the weather, time, and the market situation, some farmers to maize, wheat, vegetables and other economic crops in xinjiang cotton planting area decline or will expand.
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