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The textile industry in fujian province cotton spinning industry vocational skill competitions over - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
23 - 24, the textile industry of fujian province in 2018 cotton spinning industry vocational skills contest finals held in fuzhou changle area. Competition by the ministry of fujian province, the province people club hall hall, provincial federation of trade unions, provincial textile association, the provincial finance &trade textile tobacco pharmaceutical trade union committee to undertake. According to introducing, contest got actively involved in the fujian province cotton spinning enterprise, after more than two months in the province of five districts, preliminary selection recommendation, a total of 14 companies 46 excellent players to participate in the final. After two days of intense competition, the final source of changle in fujian long first grade Luo Hongwei obtains textile co. , LTD. Fujian province textile industry association relevant controller introduces, the province's cotton operators vocational skills competition can effectively test the true level of the technique of industry operation, to test, in order to promote learning, more can through competition found talent, set up the standard, to promote our province textile industry skills training and implementation of talent cultivation work, respect for labor, for knowledge, for ability and for creativity, to the construction of knowledge, skilled, innovative talents play a positive role. It is reported, the textile industry as an important industry of the people's livelihood of traditional superior industry in our province and, by late 2017 the province textile enterprises above designated size to complete the gross value of industrial output 664. 1 billion yuan, ranking the top five, in the country formed in the cotton fiber as the leading industry characteristics. The cotton spinning industry competition products chemical fiber yarn, blended yarn is the advantage of the products in our province, production ranks first in the country.
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