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by:Chengyi     2020-07-12
According to the United States department of agriculture statistics, as of December 14, American cotton exports 2017/18 contract amount up to 246. 60000 tons, rose 59. 20000 tons, complete the USDA export forecast of 76%, up from 57% a year earlier. 2018/19 contract amount up to 260000 tons, 12 from a year earlier. 70000 tons more than doubled. American cotton shipped quantity up to 65. 60000 tons, compared with the gap has widened to 12. 80000 tons, complete the USDA export forecast of 20%, less than 24% over the same period. To complete the USDA export forecast, the next American cotton weeks average shipped quantity and signings need to reach 8, respectively. 120000 tons and 2. 460000 tons.
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