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The soaring international cotton price promotes the adjustment of all Indian yarns

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
In the past seven days (May 17-23), driven by the surge in international cotton prices, Indian cotton prices have risen accordingly, and yarn prices have been adjusted across the board.   As India’s cotton supply is low this year, demand can easily support domestic cotton prices. In addition, thanks to the depreciation of the rupee, cotton exports have begun to recover. The cost of cotton used by textile enterprises has increased significantly, resulting in a very low level of production profit.  In the past seven days, the price of Indian S-6 cotton has risen by 700 rupees to 42,500 rupees/candi, an increase of 1.7%. The price of Punjab 30S cotton yarn has risen by 4 rupees/kg, an increase of 1.9%, and the cumulative increase of 7 rupees/kg, or 3.4% in the past four weeks. At the same time, the prices of other yarns have also risen, including polyester, polyester cotton, and polyester viscose.  In terms of exports, in the past seven days, the export price of 30S pure cotton yarn in India has risen by 0.9% to 3.38 US dollars/kg. In the past four weeks, it has risen by 13 US cents/kg, or 4%. The price of 32S pure cotton yarn exported to China rose by 3 cents to 3.05 US dollars/kg, an increase of 1%.  In the past four years, the decline in ICE cotton prices has caused Indian cotton prices to stay at a relatively low level. It is expected that in the next few days, Indian yarn prices will stabilize or fall slightly. Article Keywords:  International Observation of India Yarn Cotton Prices
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