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by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
Zhang: if market in June if the market is slightly better, but not better, than may slightly. Influenced by the depressed market, traders and downstream factory suspend stock, mostly cotton mill pressure is very big, mostly lower capacity utilization, dumped goods is also increased. With the end of June sino-us negotiation ease and upstream raw material prices, the market to buy or not to buy up, liquidity increases, but continued to be seen. The current market differentiation, slightly high-end yarn market still ask few, 40 under the low and medium yarn delivery slightly better. Combing the mainstream price of 24000-40 s About 26000 yuan/ton, combing the mainstream price of 30000-60 s About 32000 yuan/ton. Lanxi market: after more than a month to inventory, mills is much reduced inventory, low pressure, polyester yarn and viscose yarn increases at the same time, led to the recent yarn prices have stabilized, but overall consumption is hardly optimistic. Lanxi import yarn market price order still more, on domestic yarn prices also formed a certain support. Grey market remains sluggish, mill production holiday is more, also some double cease or three four, open the downstream orders fall short. A few qualified factories quality is still very full production machines, but also proofing sheet is more, shaoxing market: recent shaoxing area all cotton yarn market is still relatively flat, caution as a whole. Since mid-june yarn prices temporarily stabilized, but the yarn inventory is still high, less downstream take cargo. Although the stability of polyester yarn and cotton yarn prices, all cotton yarn market still improvement is not big, the mill is given priority to, shipment needs no obvious change. 32 s, 40, combed yarn mainstream 20900 - respectively About 21000 yuan/ton, 22000 yuan/ton, 32 s high with mainstream 21800 yuan/tons, 40 s combing mainstream price of 24850 yuan/tons, compared with the early decline in 800 yuan/tons. , although the price of cotton from a trade war with China better, more strong, but the mills are still mainly to inventory and shipment, the confidence is not big. Imported yarn market, the recent import yarn market is stabilizing, after its cargo, port reduce inventory pressure, Qingdao port 21 of some varieties such as out of stock. The current orders with the present port yarn modest profits, 300 - in more 600 yuan/ton, some traders to restore order, outside dish quotation also began on demand and external signs of cotton's rebound has rise in price.
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