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The raw material stability and fall - another blow yarn Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
Last week, - July 29 On August 2) , influenced by trump announced tariffs events, zheng cotton plunged again, drag on the whole industry chain, yarn affected by raw material price stability and fall. Cotton material. President of the United States announced trump from September 1 to 10% of China's imposition of tariffs, zheng cotton plunged on Friday. On August 2, zheng cotton main CF1909 contract closed at 12670 yuan/ton, down 360 yuan/ton. National cotton reserves sell-through rate decline, clinch a deal the price also on downward trend. Weeks, spot market generally cold and cheerless, as of August 4, xinjiang library & other; Double 29 & throughout; Hand picked cotton and weighs 14200 - quotation 14250 yuan/ton, & other; Double 29 & throughout; Pick up cotton machine of northern xinjiang and weighs 14000 - quotation 14100 yuan/ton, & other; Double 28 & throughout; Pick up cotton machine of northern xinjiang and weighs 13700 - quotation 13800 yuan/ton, compared to the previous week fell 100 yuan/ton. Weeks, most of xinjiang cotton have been hang peach, with a strong cotton farmers increase confidence. But cotton ginning mill enthusiasm is not high, rental and production line. Cotton into full bloom on the mainland, fell before the peach is better. But the weeks of the Yellow River basin rainfall excess, the cotton growth. Other raw materials. Polyester staple weeks continue to weaken. 1 on August 4, jiangsu and zhejiang area. Direct spinning polyester short 4 d * 38 mm quote 7700 yuan/ton, down from July 26, 200 yuan/ton, sales, clinch a deal the small talks; Ji lu area 1. 5 d * 38 mm of viscose staple at 11900 yuan/ton, 1. 2 d * 38 mm of viscose staple at 11800 yuan/ton, from July 26 fell 100 yuan/ton, the actual clinch a deal can be discuss. Pure cotton yarn. Affected by raw material fall and orders and part of the mills started the summer vacation, enterprise starts to drop. On August 4, some factory in shandong knitting with pure cotton yarn 21 s high with stock price 19800 yuan/ton, 32 s high knitting with pure cotton yarn with the current price is 21200 yuan/ton, all previous fell 200 yuan/ton. According to hebei shangdong and henan province area textile mills, the recent cotton yarn 21 s, 32 s, 40 s center of gravity in 20100 yuan/ton, price 21000 yuan/ton, 22400 yuan/ton, a week before the fall of 100 - 200 yuan/ton, real single transaction price can still negotiate. Other yarn. Polyester yarn to continue falling slightly, on August 4, shandong weifang polyester yarn in 32 s plant daily at 16300 yuan/ton ( Tax ex-factory price) On July 26, down 100 yuan/ton, sales, clinch a deal amount more than a little privilege; Shandong weifang 30 s people cotton mill factory this journal 17300 yuan/ton, down from July 26, 200 yuan/ton, sales, big can negotiate according to quantity. Import yarn. Feedback, according to traders, since late July each port bonded, customs clearance is not cotton yarn inventory rose slightly, not only C40S and above, comb, compact spinning combed cotton yarn enquiry outbound continues to weaken, and previous trading C32S failings and the following ring spinning back into cold and cheerless. As of August 4, outside the port yarn inventory in 120000 tons, are high.
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