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The purchase of cotton yarn from turkmenistan - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
Turkmenistan's state news agency reported, July 8 - The week 14, turkmenistan national commodity material exchange registered 148 copies of the contract. Foreign exchange trading, Russia, Britain, Switzerland, Singapore, Afghanistan, Georgia, uzbekistan, the united Arab emirates, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, kyrgyzstan purchaser from turkmenistan to buy polypropylene, straight-run gasoline, kerosene, kerosene, lighting kerosene, sulphur, desulfurization of diesel fractions; Russia, the united Arab emirates, Turkey, Estonia, China, Switzerland, Serbia ( Hong Kong) Purchaser from turkmenistan, uzbekistan and buy colorless glass cotton, licorice extract, lint, cotton yarn, furniture. Total more than 8187 of the contract. 30000 dollars. Currency trading, Britain, the united Arab emirates, Turkey, China, Hong Kong) Buyer from turkmenistan to buy cotton yarn, the total turnover of more than 797. 80000 maner. Domestic markets, turkmenistan domestic companies to buy high density polyethylene, lint, turnover of more than 4633. 90000 maner.
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