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The proportion of mainland FangQi use XinJiangMian soar - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Recently, the past is given priority to with purchasing the use of local resources in north jiangsu in jiangsu of some key cotton spinning enterprise, now used purchasing commodity cotton XinJiangMian most. After planting area, output fell sharply in the mainland, jiangsu FangQi on cotton resources around the third is unable to maintain production. A set of cotton acquisition, processing and textile as one of the old total said, jiangsu cotton purchase business both in quantity and quality, has been a year than a year, completely lost earlier support for textile industry, many enterprises have put emphasis on XinJiangMian raw material purchasing. , said the head of a proportional analysis, at present the subei FangQi XinJiangMian utilization at least seventy percent, especially the spindle, many companies use XinJiangMian almost uniformly. Some medium and small-scale FangQi raw material inventory, XinJiangMian use ratio is more than half, of course, the size of its purchasing form and some enterprise is not the same, most small and medium-sized enterprises is through the trader or zero for cotton and linen company, its price than direct procurement XinJiangMian slightly difference. XinJiangMian the textile enterprises in the mainland of cargo, increased usage, its reasons from several aspects: one is the Yangtze river, Yellow River basin recorded in cotton area in recent years, serious production decline, such as local FangQi cannot rely on effective supply of local resources and maintain the basic production and business operation; Second, the adjustment of the national cotton industry policy to promote XinJiangMian procurement work to improve innovation, resource output had been more convenient and quick, many mainland companies no longer puzzled how to XinJiangMian procurement; Cotton mills, three is XinJiangMian companies and mainland FangQi multi-form cooperation management, accelerate the increased XinJiangMian flow to the number of mainland batch; Four is cotton operating enterprises actively to operate and convenient services, greatly convenient for some small and medium-sized FangQi procurement choose XinJiangMian; Five XinJiangMian is of good quality and spinnability is strong, more suitable for enterprise production yarn products. Mainland people in the cotton spinning, under the guidance of national macroeconomic regulation and control policy, XinJiangMian production using as a kind of resource allocation, will more hasten is reasonable and effective.
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