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The national textile BBS will be held in shandong Texas - differentiation yarn Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-20
Differentiation textile yarn BBS will be held in shandong Texas on May 18, there will be famous entrepreneurs, experts from the industry chain upstream and downstream of each node is 'creating new kinetic energy, shaping new advantages, to create new value' to view the output and the collision. At the same time, China textile information center and industrial economy research 闫博, donghua university professor long-di cheng, deputy director of the German sea feinstein institute of textile business development consultant Li Yapei industry experts, such as the new era under the development and outlook of China's textile industry and the modern new yarn technology and its products, clothes, physical comfort research on issues such as keynote, for attendance to share the latest industry development direction and market trend of product development. For differentiation in the production of textiles industry has become a consensus today, how to avoid differentiation of homogeneity, organizers of Texas huayuan ecological technology co. , LTD. , general manager of xiang-dong li made a simple introduction. 'As a representative of the yarn industry innovative enterprise, we have been adhering to the' many varieties, small batch, fast delivery 'market strategy, develop' jin compact spinning, jin comb wool spinning, silk spinning 'yarn products'. 'All innovation source for nuclear, starting from the source of innovation and development for any industry has a leverage effect'. We have learned, BBS also comes at a time on the day of Texas huayuan 15th anniversary celebration, the celebration of the theme of 'ancient life and goes back to ancient times'. Then there will be a start guests from all over the country, famous experts, representatives of famous brand and authoritative media, more than 400 people, the common review Texas huayuan splendid history of 15 years past, and described the future of the enterprise blueprint together. This enterprise started with 5000 spindles from 15 years ago and now owns more than 2600 employees, 450000 spindles, has three subsidiaries, the specialty is engaged in the research, development, production, sales and marketing of new type differential fibre yarn is given priority to modern high-tech enterprises, the Texas huayuan ecological science and technology co. , LTD. , the developing course of 15 years, as a rapid development of China's textile industry from big to strong elite enrichment. We will launch the environmental regeneration polyester and dope dyed products, innovative skin fiber products, and have heat preservation function of acrylic modal fiber products, Eco - Fresh products, and the color of differential fiber applications such as five series products to show results in differential fiber development, yarn technology 'hard power'. During the celebrations, Texas huayuan with decathlon, lenzing, optimer international giants such as signed a cooperation agreement, on the road of innovation combination, on a par.
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